Blindsided: BLIND Reviews Uncover Shocking Allegations Against Min Hee Jin, ADOR

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In light of recent reports surrounding Min Hee Jin’s alleged attempts to remove ADOR from HYBE, the entertainment giant has taken decisive action by launching an audit against the former executive.

This move follows a series of accusations, including key information leakage and irregular personnel practices, prompting heightened scrutiny of Min Hee Jin’s tenure at the company


Allegations Prompt Audit

HYBE’s decision to conduct an audit stems from a flurry of claims that have surfaced in the media, implicating Min Hee Jin in various irregularities.

Among the accusations are instances of inappropriate external consulting and breaches of artist personal information, raising questions about the integrity of operations within the organization.

In the midst of this controversy, insights from the career community site BLIND have provided a platform for current and former HYBE employees to share their perspectives anonymously.

Min Hee Jin
Min Hee Jin
(Photo : theqoo)

While initial posts expressed optimism about working under Min Hee Jin’s leadership, subsequent comments painted a drastically different picture, describing her as a “villain” and a “crazy b*tch” within the office environment.

Min Hee Jin
Min Hee Jin
(Photo : theqoo)

Testimonials Reflect Discord

Notably, testimonials allegedly from individuals associated with SM Entertainment, Min Hee Jin’s previous employer, have added fuel to the fire.

Min Hee Jin
Min Hee Jin
(Photo : theqoo)

One commenter vehemently opposed the prospect of ever collaborating with Min Hee Jin again, highlighting the depth of discord surrounding her professional reputation.


In times of change and transition its essential for companies to prioritize stability and unity 

Greedy woman leaked contracts to acquire more shares and power lol 

After getting some money and fame she showed her true colour. If this is her plan then why did she join hybe ? 

Hybe can’t just stay away from their own K-drama. R U Next to ILLIT and Le Serrafim wasn’t enough, they decided to drag NewJeans into it too. Smh. 

I do agree that hybe helps alot for ador & mhj to make newjeans to be big but at this point mhj out of hybe and she still be fine but what happens with ador might get complicated… 

Min Hee Jin Remains Silent

Despite the mounting negative publicity, Min Hee Jin has refrained from issuing an official statement, leaving observers to speculate about her response to the unfolding situation.