BLINKs Speculate ‘Real’ Reason BLACKPINK Jisoo & Ahn Bo Hyun Broke Up

According to reports, BLACKPINK Jisoo and actor Ahn Bo Hyun ended their relationship due to busy schedules. However, fans think it might be due to THESE reasons.

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BLACKPINK Jisoo & Ahn Bo Hyun Breaks Up 2 Months After Public Dating

On October 24, it was reported that Jisoo and actor Ahn Bo Hyun unfortunately ended their relationship just two months after admitting that they were dating.

YG Entertainment immediately confirmed the news and said:

“It is true that Jisoo and Ahn Bo Hyun broke up.”

Jisoo, Ahn Bo Hyun

(Photo : Pann Nate)

Earlier in August, they started publicly dating after Dispatch reported that the actor was often spotted headed to Jisoo’s house in Yongsan. They always met each other when their schedules matched, and the actor would visit the “Flower” singer along with take-out foods.

Although the pairing initially drew confusion as the couple didn’t have preceding contact with each other, a close aide affirmed their fondness for each other due to their common interests like acting, singing, and fashion.

Jisoo, Ahn Bo Hyun

(Photo : Pann Nate)

With this, fans and the entertainment scene were happy that Jisoo opened a new chapter in her life.

Ahn Bo Hyun is famous for his brilliant acting in “Yumi’s Cells” and “Itaewon Class.” Throughout the performance, Ahn was loved for his realistic personality and genuine attitude and fans think he perfectly suits Jisoo’s kind and warm personality.

While BLINKs (fandom) rooted for the couple, they unfortunately didn’t end with a happy ending due to their busy work.

What’s the ‘Real’ Reason Jisoo & Ahn Bo Hyun Broke Up? BLINKs Reveal Speculations

When fans heard about the news, they highlighted that the couple most likely broke up due to the “burden” of being in an open relationship. Thus, they decided to remain as colleagues.


(Photo : twitter|@BLACKPINK@)

BLACKPINK Jisoo & Ahn Bo Hyun's Ideal Types + Past Remark Re-Examined Following Dating News

(Photo : Ahn Bo Hyun (Instagram))

However, many were full of doubts stating that the two started meeting each other amid BLACKPINK’s busy world tour, yet they managed to last two months, so why would they break up now that the tour ended and they would have more time to spend together?

Fans also brought back their initial skepticism of YG Entertainment immediately confirming Jisoo’s dating news, when they didn’t even comment on Jennie and Lisa’s multiple dating rumors.

Netizens then started to recall the similarities between Jisoo’s case with Jennie’s, back when she dated EXO Kai. The ex-couple started publicly dating on January 1, 2019, but not even a month later, they suddenly broke up on January 25. At the time, allegations that the dating news was to actually cover up a huge political scandal in South Korea.


(Photo : Instagram: @sooyaaa__)

BLACKPINK Jisoo & Ahn Bo Hyun's Ideal Types + Past Remark Re-Examined Following Dating News

(Photo : Ahn Bo Hyun (TVReport))

As a result, BLINKs are speculating that Jisoo’s relationship might not be “true” in the first place, and it was YG Entertainment’s media play to divert the attention of fans to the dating news over the issue about the quartet’s contract renewal.