BLITZERS Go_U Abrupt Departure Sparks Speculation — ‘I’m very sad to…’

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In a surprising turn of events, WUZO Entertainment declared on January 29 that Go_U, a prominent member of the popular idol group BLITZERS, will be bidding farewell to the group due to health concerns.

The sudden announcement left fans in shock, shedding light on the toll that health issues have taken on the fourth-generation idol’s career.

WUZO Entertainment Reveals Health Struggles

According to the official statement released by WUZO Entertainment, Go_U has been grappling with health issues since the previous year.

The idol, who ceased all promotional activities in April 2023 to prioritize his health, has been diligently focusing on recuperation during this period.

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In an exclusive interview, Go_U shared insights into his future within the entertainment industry, leading to a collective decision with the label that it is in his best interest to conclude his tenure with BLITZERS and concentrate on restoring his health.

Gratitude Expressed by WUZO Entertainment

WUZO Entertainment expressed gratitude towards the dedicated fanbase for their unwavering support throughout Go_U’s journey with BLITZERS.

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In a heartfelt message, the label apologized for the suddenness of the announcement, recognizing the impact it may have on fans.

Despite this unexpected turn of events, WUZO Entertainment implored fans to extend warm support to Go_U during this challenging period, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing his health above all else.

“We would like to apologize to our fans, who have always supported us, for bringing you this sudden news. Although Go_U’s time with BLITZERS has come to an end, we ask that you warmly support him so that he can recover his health,” stated WUZO Entertainment in their official statement.

Uncertain Future for BLITZERS

As BLITZERS faces the departure of Go_U, questions arise regarding the group’s future dynamics and the potential impact on their upcoming projects.

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Fans eagerly await further updates from WUZO Entertainment regarding the group’s plans for the future, while simultaneously rallying behind Go_U with messages of encouragement and well-wishes for a speedy recovery.

Netizens’ Reaction

Here’s how netizens reacted when WUZO Entertainment released an announcement regarding Go_U’s sudden departure.

“I’m just gonna disappear now”
“I love you Go_U”
“I’ll miss you 🙁 Hope you are feeling better soon 🙁 Love u ♡”
“I’m very sad to hear this but i just really hope he’s okay :c”
“worst news . we’ll miss you Go_u get well super soon pls”
“Oh my..i just got into them. Stay safe and healthy”
“Why my bias”
“i only became a fan after his hiatus started but i’ll miss him 🙁 wish you will go_u”