BLOCK B’s P.O. “I Regreted On First Day In The Military, AKMU Lee Chan-hyuk’s Military Song Stressed Me Out”

Block B-member-actor P.O. (real name Pyo Ji-hoon) told the behind-the-scenes story of his enlistment in the Marine Corps

In the 408th episode of JTBC’s entertainment show “Knowing Bros,” which aired on November 11, actors Choi Ji-woo, P.O., and Ha Da-in from the movie “New Normal” appeared as guests.

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Knowing Bros

P.O. was previously discharged from the Marine Corps after serving in the 1280th Military Band on September 27. In the recent episode, the cast of “Knowing Bros” mentioned SHINee’s Minho regretted it the day after he joined the Marine Corps.

Regarding this, P.O said, “I heard Choi Min-ho regretted it two days after he joined the army, but I regretted it right away on the first day. However, the articles that reported my enlistment are already out. Can I last a year and a half? But what can I do. I had to endure it.”

Knowing Bros

Asked why he joined the Marine Corps, he then said, “My parents wanted me to have a hard time in the military because I was loved and raised generously as their only child, and I wanted to grow up by going and suffering, so I went with a filial heart.”

P.O. also mentioned the military song created by AKMU’s Lee Chan-hyuk. Asked if he would sing the military song, he replied, “I’m singing it on special days in the military,” adding, “It was stressful for me that Chan-hyuk made a military song.” Every executive told me to make a military song like he did. I’m not good at being a songwriter,” drawing laughter.

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