‘Blood Free’ Episode 1: Han Hyo Joo Hires Ju Ji Hoon as Bodyguard

The long wait is over for fans as Han Hyo Joo and Ju Ji Hoon’s “Blood Free” finally premiered!

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Officially released on April 10, Disney+ unveiled the first 2 episodes of the sci-fi thriller K-drama that depicts the story of a biotechnology company, BF, which aims to produce cultured meat in the market. 

Han Hyo Joo takes on the role of CEO Yoon Ja Yoo, the founder of BF Group. However, with the radical change regarding food consumption, she faces a lot of criticism.

This is where Ju Ji Hoon’s character comes in. 

The CEO wants to hire a highly skilled bodyguard, and because of an incident, it leads her to the former officer, Captain Woo Chae Woon. 

‘Blood Free’ Episode 1: Did Woo Chae Woon Have Hidden Agenda Against CEO Yoo Ja Yoo? 

CEO Yoo Ja Yoo introduces BF Group’s new product with a remarkable presentation of their genetically cultured meat products. 

According to her, the company’s mission is to prevent brutal killings of animals from being consumed by the public. 

Blood Free
(Photo : Disney+)

Other than meat products, the company also ventured into culturing livestock, such as tuna, salmon, mackerel, and shrimp, which is considered the most consumed seafood item. 

Former Captain Woo Chae Woon arrived at the event without knowing his purpose. 

Blood Free
(Photo : Disney+)

He observed what might be the reason he got an invitation to attend BF Group’s product launch. 

Interestingly, he and CEO Yoo crossed paths after she got into an accident. 

As he headed home, he saw a person jump out of the building and crash into the CEO’s car, leaving Yoo Ja Yoo unconscious because of the strong bump. 

Thankfully, the CEO was safe, but her team thought that it might be an inside job and came to the conclusion that she needed a bodyguard to protect her 24/7. 

After seeing the CCTV footage of how the former official saved CEO Yoo during the crash, she wanted to hire Woo Chae Won, but was hesitant because of his background. 

In “Blood Free” episode 1, it was explained why Woo Chae Woon was at the BF Group’s product launch. Former President Lee Mung Gyu summoned the former captain to meet him for a very important task. 

Knowing that Woo Chae Woon was still finding the whereabouts of the terrorist, the former president recalled the hours prior to the incident that caused deaths among the military. 

He believed that one of the affluent CEOs made him the target. This included Ja Yoo, who accompanied the former president to a state meeting.

Blood Free Han Hyo Joo
(Photo : Disney+)

In addition to this, STL Chairman Lee Nam Jin, Sanghwa Group Chairman Park Dae-Seong, and Tech Games’ Han Gi Ho were also spotted joining the former president. 

At this point, the former captain was given a task to join the BF Group’s security and get close to Yoo Ja Yoo.