‘Blood Free’ Episode 4: What Prompted Han Hyo Joo to Question Ju Ji Hoon’s Actions?

With the betrayal of her closest team member, “Blood Free” Episode 4 highlighted Han Hyo Joo and Ju Ji Hoon’s tense connection as client and bodyguard.

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Blood Free
Blood Free
(Photo : Disney+)

The newest thriller sci-fi series depicts the story of BF Group’s CEO, Yoon Ja Yoo, whose vision is to change how humans consume food through artificially cultured meat.

Because of the radical change, the public and big companies are against the change that she is proposing. This also leads Yoon Ja Yoo to live with threats and betrayal from her colleagues.

Interestingly, this is also the reason she crosses paths with Woo Chae Woon, played by Ju Ji Hoon. He is a former officer who worked with the former prime minister, and now works as Yoon Ja Yoo’s bodyguard.

However, because of his past, the CEO continues to question his loyalty.

‘Blood Free’ Episode 4: Will Woo Chae Woon Survive the Attack?

“Blood Free” Episode 4 started with Woo Chae Woon using his resources to find Shin Gu, and ended with him contacting a broker in Vietnam to find him for a hefty reward.

Unfortunately, while on his way to escape to Paris, Shin Gu died while in transit.

Blood Free
(Photo : Disney+)

The Korean government ruled this as heart failure, but speculation rose that he died because of poisoning.

With the news following Shin Gu’s death, the public was painting Yoon Ja Yoo in a negative light.

Amid this, Yoon Ja Yoo continued to suspect Woo Chae Woon. The CEO insisted that he was present in every significant event in her life, whether it was good or bad, suggesting that it was not a coincidence.

What triggered Yoon Ja Yoo to question Woo Chae Woon was when he was able to locate Shin Gu.

Blood Free
Blood Free
(Photo : Disney+)

However, the bodyguard explained that it was because of his experience and expertise in the military.

Meanwhile, during the meeting with the high-ranking officials, the Prime Minister’s father, Geum Seonu, requested a private meeting with Ja Yoo.

Here, he offered her 32 trillion KRW for him to obtain the cultured meat company. In exchange, he promised her to let Ja Yoo handle the subsidiary companies.

Despite the tempting offer, she asked for time to consider the plan.

In the last scene in “Blood Free” Episode 4, the CEO and Woo Chae Woon, along with the driver and Seo Hui, faced another assassination. They were rerouted in a different way, but Chae Woon sensed that something was not right.

An armed group of men shot them, but Chae Woon’s group attempted to escape.

Since they were outnumbered by the armed men, Woo Chae Woon tried to protect Ja Yoo but ended up being shot twice.

Will this be the end of Woo Chae Woon?