‘Blood Free’ Episode 7: Will Han Hyo Joo, Ju Ji Hoon Identify the Spy Behind the Attack?

“Blood Free” Episode 7 showcased the collaboration of Han Hyo Joo and Ju Ji Hoon as they tried to find the person behind the attack.

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Despite them keeping things undisclosed, the suspect managed to get hold of the bodyguards’ whereabouts, and he seemed to know the next step for BF Group.

Blood Free
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Helmed by Park Cheol Han of “Grid,” and penned by Lee Soo Yeon of the hit series “Stranger,” the Disney+ suspense-thriller series depicts the story of CEO Yoon Ja Yoo (Han Hyo Joo), who owns the genetic engineering company called BF Group that produces artificially cultured meat, which she plans on introducing to the market in 2025.

Due to the drastic change that she wants to introduce, the public and other officials are against it. This is the reason she hired her bodyguard, Woo Chae Woon (Ju Ji Hoon), a former military officer.

However, behind his work with BF Group, his loyalty lies with the former president.

‘Blood Free’ Episode 7 Recap: Woo Chae Woon Desperate to Find the Spy Who Killed Kim Ho Seung

Episode 7 continued with the death of the conglomerate bodyguard, Kim Ho Seung. Because Woo Chae Woon was found at the scene, he was arrested by the police.

However, in hopes of finding the real culprit, he tried to resist the authorities.

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He then discovered the special ability that he had recently acquired because of the mutation. The police were baffled by Chae Woon’s strength, which seemed out of the ordinary.

The information also reached the prime minister, who became very interested in the effects of mutation.

With this, Woo Chae Woon’s arrest was handled by the prime minister, who initially thought that it was Yoon Ja Yoo. He was invited by the official to his office, where Seon Woo Jae wanted to know the details behind his newly acquired strength.

However, the conversation resulted in an assault on the Prime Minister ended up getting hurt.

As for the spy behind the attack, CEO Yoon, with the help of On San and their system, was able to find out the person behind it, but they still needed to figure out who among them was the spy.

In the last scene, Woo Chae Woon mentioned Ms. Jung Hae Deun’s name as the only person who knew the schedule at the time.

Here, the group interrogated her, but Jung Hae Deun insisted that she had nothing to do with it, per the instructions of Dorson’s Seonu Geun.

However, Woo Chae Woon was losing his patience and was desperate to give justice to his colleague by getting significant information from Ms. Jung.