‘Blood Free’ Episode 8: Han Hyo Joo Agrees to Become a Test Subject for Cell Culture Experiment

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“Blood Free” episode 8 featured a shocking incident as Han Hyo Joo’s character took a big leap of faith to protect her genetic engineering company, BF Group.

Amid this, her working relationship with Ju Ji Hoon’s character was put to the test after the duo found the spy among their team.

A thriller sci-fi series released by Disney+, “Blood Free” depicts the story of CEO Yoon Ja Yoo (Han Hyo Joo), whose mission is to produce artificially cultured meat. However, behind this, she also aims to create cell mutations to generate artificial human organs to help terminally ill patients.

Through her journey, the CEO is also working alongside her bodyguard, Woo Chae Woon (Ju Ji Hoon), who entered the BF Group to find out who was behind the attack at Azorak that killed his comrades.

‘Blood Free’ Episode 8: Yoon Ja Yoo Made a Special Announcement

The officials of the BF Group are eager to get more information about Jung Hae Dun. With the help of their technology, On San and Seo Hui were able to see what goes through her mind.

However, Yoon Ja Yoo also found out that her bodyguard, Woo Chae Yoon, joined BF Group on a special mission.

Due to this, she feels betrayed and begins to doubt him, despite Chae Yoon explaining his real deal.

For him, the reason he said yes to the former prime minister’s offer was because he wanted to know about the incident at Azorak.

He suspects that Yoon Ja Yoo was the person behind it. However, as he got to know more about her, all his suspicions vanished.

Meanwhile, he vowed to find Kim Ho Seung’s killer and the person behind the attack at Azorak.

Interestingly, one of the highlights of “Blood Free” episode 8 is Yoon Ja Yoon’s shocking announcement.

After the incident surrounding Woon Chae Woo, Jung Hae Dun, and Prime Minister Seon Woo Jae, who wants to get hold of BF Group.

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With the prime minister accusing the CEO of false advertising, Yoon Ja Yoo announced to the public that her team is creating cultured human organs using cell culture technology. She then used the masses with terminal illnesses to become test subjects.

However, before this, the CEO volunteered to become the first test subject and will replace all her organs using cell culture technology before BF Group tests it on their subject.