‘Bloodhounds’ Season 2 Cast: THIS Top Star is In Talks to Play as the Drama’s Villain – Who Is He?

“Bloodhounds” season 2 will introduce a star-studded cast lineup for the upcoming sequel, as the Netflix series is reportedly eyeing RAIN to join the series. 

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Known for his versatility as an actor and K-pop star, the 41-year-old heartthrob made a name for himself in the acting and music industries. 

He captured the hearts of K-drama lovers with his quirky character in “Full House ” with Song Hye Kyo, followed by “A Love to Kill,” “My Lovely Girl”,” Diamond Lover,” and more. 

In addition to this, he is also among the few South Korean stars to make their Hollywood debut. 

As for RAIN, he made his international debut in “Speed Racer” and headlined the 2009 movie “Ninja Assassin.”

Meanwhile, following the huge success of “Bloodhounds” season 1, viewers are looking forward to who will portray the new villain in the upcoming sequel.

RAIN to Play His First Villain Role in ‘Bloodhounds’ Season 2

In an exclusive report by Star News, RAIN is reportedly joining the “Bloodhounds” season 2 cast. 

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(Photo : tvN Official Instagram)
Bloodhounds 2, RAIN
(Photo : RAIN, Netflix)

Taking on the challenging role of the drama’s new villain, the top star will be portraying the character of Baek Jeong, a former UFC fighter who is popular for his ring name “Emperor.”

However, after quitting the arena, Baek Jeong illegally runs a premium boxing league that can only be entered as a paid membership.

Interestingly, the upcoming Netflix series will be RAIN’s first villain project since his debut, which will surely pique the interest of fans. 

It can be recalled that the season 1 villain was portrayed by award winning actor Park Sung Woong, who played the role of loan shark boss Kim Myung Gil. He is the CEO of an illegal private loan company, Smile Capital. 

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“Bloodhounds” season 1 showcased an entertaining yet intense battle between Kim Myung Gil and amateur boxers Kim Geon Woo and Hong Woo Jin, played by Woo Do Hwan and Lee Sang Yi. 

‘Bloodhounds’ Season 2 Details

A continuation of the 2023 action crime series, “Bloodhounds” season depicts the story of two amateur boxers who were caught up in a string of unfortunate events involving a loan shark. 

(Photo : Netflix Korea)

After the series received favorable reviews from global audiences, Netflix officially confirmed the renewal of the series, with Woo Do Hwan and Lee Sang Yi reprising their roles. 

Meanwhile, “Bloodhounds” season 2 is scheduled to begin filming in the second half of 2024 as soon as casting work is completed. This means that Netflix will probably release the sequel sometime in 2025.