‘Bloodhounds’ Season 2: Netflix Announces Lead Stars for Upcoming Sequel – Will Woo Do Hwan, Lee Sang Yi Reprise Their Roles?

Netflix officially confirms “Bloodhounds” season 2, with the streaming giant announcing the cast members joining the sequel. 

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Following the huge success of the webtoon-based drama, the action crime series officially gets a green light for renewal. 

‘Bloodhounds’ Season 2 Update

In an exclusive report cited by Sports Seoul, “Bloodhounds” season 2 is scheduled to begin filming in the second half of 2024. 

(Photo : Woo Do Hwan Instagram)

Interestingly, the upcoming sequel will also feature familiar faces joining season 2. Lead actors Woo Do Hwan and Lee Sang Yi will continue to entertain viewers with their on-screen chemistry as they reprise their roles as Kim Geon Woo and Hong Woo Jin. 

As for the remaining cast members, Netflix and drama officials are yet to confirm the lineup, along with the names of celebrities joining the two lead stars. 

Released in June 2023, the webtoon-based K-drama delivered a suspenseful 8-part episode series that depicts the story of a rookie boxer who goes against a ruthless loan shark, Kim Myung Gil (Park Sung Woo).

During his journey, he meets fellow boxer Hong Woo Jin, who introduces him to a generous money lender, Choi Tae Ho (Heo Joon Ho), to help him pay off his debt to Myung Gil’s group.

However, it turned out that Kim Myung Gil used to be one of Choi Tae Ho’s former men who betrayed him. 

Season 1 focuses on how the boxing duo get their revenge against Kim Myung Gil’s group. 

With the announcement regarding “Bloodhounds” season 2, it is safe to say that the sequel might depict the continuation of Kim Geon Woo and Hong Woo Jin’s journey. 

Lee Sang Yi on His Working Relationship With Woo Do Hwan in ‘Bloodhounds’

In an interview with the Korea Times, Lee Sang Yi talked about his preparation for “Bloodhounds.”

(Photo : Lee Sang Yi Instagram)

According to the actor, he and his co-star would meet up for rehearsal and table reading. 

In addition to him, they would spend time working out. Their closeness on the set also led them to unexpected friendships in real life.

“We would go to the gym together to work out even when we were filming outside Seoul and would get chicken breast. Regardless of the series’ success, we have a sense of companionship. The more you struggle, the more memories you have. So we kept an unusual friendship.”

Other than “Bloodhounds,” Lee Sang Yi is slated to join the cast of “Good Boy” and “Because I Want No Loss.”

As for Woo Do Hwan, he will be starring in the upcoming K-drama “Mr. Plankton,” which will air in the second half of 2024.