BoA tests the waters on retiring from the industry after struggling with hate comments

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Article: BoA fields hate comments for ‘Marry My Husband,’ now she wants to retire? “Once my contract is over…”

Source: Chosun via Naver

[+1,300, -52] I don’t get why she bothers with acting when she can’t. Just stick to what you’re good at.

[+1,212, -69] Korean celebrities get to enjoy so much popularity and wealth thanks to their fans, I don’t understand their constant need to pick fights with them all the time. Just live life knowing that at least 30% of the population hates you and let it be, and focus on being humble to the people who are still around for you. It’s so easy to turn public sentiment on you when you’re constantly saying 10 things back to someone who only said one thing. All you celebrities own millions in real estate so just take it easy, study up, read some books… celebrities look so dumb every time they act like this.

[+626, -24] Please just take it easy. Go on a few variety shows when you get bored. It’s too late for you to transition into acting; there are just way too many younger and prettier talents out there. Even other actresses your age are struggling landing roles. I don’t particularly like Lee Hyori but she’s a good example of someone who knows what she’s about. She tried acting, failed miserably, and left without looking back. She’s managed to remain relevant all these decades by sticking to what she’s good at, like varieties and CFs. It’s time for BoA to reflect on her strengths now. This is a job that depends on your name’s relevancy at the end of the day, and I think there’s more job security on the side of staying friendly with the public and landing a few variety gigs every so often rather than making an enemy out of everyone and becoming forgotten.

[+191, -7] Yeah, I think retiring now is fine. Dancing and singing only gets harder as you get older, and we’ve all seen that acting is not in the cards for you at all. Your looks aren’t as great as other celebrities your age, and you take facts from the public as hate! Just retire and live comfortably~ no one on this earth gets to sit in a seat where they are free from criticism! So unlikeable these days!

[+159, -3] Just decide for yourself, why bother posting this publicly and inciting more criticism just for you to turn back and be like why are people criticizing me! If you say nothing, then no one will say anything. Did she seriously think all she had to do was “be BoA” and everyone would be like wow~ praise praise praise~ Celebrities aren’t the people who get hate, we all do from public service to government workers to those of us in cubicles. For as much money as celebrities make, they shouldn’t think that they can be exempt from criticism all the time. So tired of celebrities threatening lawsuits over any comment said about them over a topic that they chose to publicly post about themselves.

[+152, -1] Hating on looks is a hate comment but criticizing your acting is not a hate comment. 

[+133, -1] Since when did calling out bad acting and weird-looking lips become a hate comment? The public has a right to judge you. Retire from the industry if you can’t handle that!

[+100, -3] Looks like she needs attention again. If you want to retire, just do so quietly~ why are you asking us this? Are you expecting people to comment back “no~ don’t retire~”?

[+73, -3] Figure it out yourself… no one cares…

[+62, -2] I don’t think retiring’s such a bad idea. Why deal with all this hate at her big age? She’s so tired of getting hate for her acting that it’s obvious she’s taking it out on getting her face fixed up… Just quit. Why threaten us with retirement? I feel bad for your longtime fans… Just give it up already.

[+42, -4] I don’t think anyone would be sad about you retiring ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+32, -3] She’s only ever been successful in life since a young age, I don’t think she’s able to handle even the smallest of hate comments. She’s learning now that life isn’t handed to you so easy~ BoA-ssi, please just be grateful that you were able to achieve the success that you have and keep moving~ don’t forget that you’re still charming, cool, and young as well.

[+24, -2] She’s kind of an attention wh*re… this is the kind of stuff she needs to learn to brush off

[+22, -0] Yes, you may retire

[+17, -0] I’ve never seen a celebrity who threatened retirement actually retire. Just do it quietly if you want to. No one will stop you.

[+16, -1] Yeah, actually retire for real, don’t just test us