“Bold Statement” vs “Old-fashioned” Oh My Girl’s Seunghee Points Out Idol Greeting Culture, Sparking Debate

On the July 3rd broadcast of MBC’s “Radio Star”, Seunghee shared her current status as she reached her 10th year since debut. She mentioned that when she participates in music shows these days, she often feels nostalgic, saying, “In the past, there was a tradition of going around the waiting rooms to greet everyone. But that’s disappeared these days. Now, people just exchange eye contact in the hallways.

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The idol senior-junior greeting culture has long been a topic of discussion. Seunghee’s comments have sparked debate online, leading to varied opinions on communities.

Those who agreed with Seunghee said, “Greetings are basic manners“, “Even if you don’t know someone, you greet them at the company“, “It’s basic courtesy to greet seniors“, “Why not greet?“, “Is it so hard to say ‘Hello’?” and “I agree with her bold statement.


On the other hand, some criticized her comments as old-fashioned, stating, “A nod is enough“, “Expecting greetings is old-fashioned” and “It’s uncomfortable to expect greetings from people you don’t really know.

However, regarding the disappearance of the “waiting room greeting” culture that Seunghee mentioned, the atmosphere is more welcoming. Netizens commented, “There’s no need to go around the waiting rooms to greet“, “It’s right that the waiting room greeting culture disappears” and “Going around the waiting rooms to greet is excessive.