Boo Seungkwan has 802 contacts in his phone… How about you guys?


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Hyeri has 204 contacts.

Is it because of work?

I save work-related contacts in a separate app and immediately delete them if I no longer need it, so now I only have 72 contacts.

-How do you check on iPhone?

-I’ve cleaned it all up. I have about 50 people on Kakao.

-Even though I hardly delete work-related ones, I only have 59… How do you even have 802 contacts?

-Seungkwan seems to be quite the social butterfly.

-I don’t even have 80 contacts, Seungkwan…

-But if you’re a celebrity, it’s natural to have that many contacts… Especially for someone like Boo Seungkwan, with acquaintances, staff, and industry-related people, right? Celebrities would easily have over 1000 contacts.

-I have over 1000ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Since he’s a famous idol and appears on many variety shows, it seems reasonable for him to have that many contacts.

-I have 1654 due to work, even though I’m actually a homebody… 

-I deleted everything, only 20 left. Didn’t even save co-workers’ numbers; just by looking at the last digits, I know who it isㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-I only have 17…

-I have 32, more than I thought. I thought I would have less than 15.

-Due to work, I have 1880 contacts.

-I keep changing numbers, and every time I change my phone, I only save the numbers I want to keep in touch with…

-First of all, I have 2385 Kakao friends. If I don’t check my phone, there are at least 300 messages…

-Besides family contacts, I don’t have any… I didn’t transfer them when I changed my phone because it was too much trouble.

-222, more than I thought…