BPM’s Girl Group BADVILLAIN Criticized For Having Millions Of Views Despite Low Album Sales: ‘It’s Forced Virality’

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BADVILLAIN and BPM Entertainment are currently being criticized.

On June 8, netizens gathered in an online thread that criticized BADVILLAIN’s debut. The author first relayed a report detailing BADVILLAIN’s sudden rise and how they surpassed fourth-gen leader NewJeans’ records in terms of YouTube views.

“A controversial rookie group is emerging in the music industry.

BADVILLAIN, a girl group produced by MC Mong, has displayed a meteoric rise and surpassed NewJeans’ records with their debut album “OVERSTEP,” which was released on the 3rd of June.

Their title track MV for “Bad Villain” has garnered 8.45 million views within 12 hours since its release. They have also surpassed the 5 million views that NewJeans had achieved in the same timeframe with “Bubble Gum.”

The report continued by introducing its members Emma, Chloe Young, HY’E, INA, YunSeo, Vin, and Kelly. It also elaborated that BPM major shareholder Cha Ga Won’s investment in the group largely contributed to their growth.

However, netizens weren’t happy with the report, as many were frustrated with NewJeans’ sudden mention in the article. Some questioned the group’s buzz on community sites.

  • “Do they really think that they can hit big like that? But this is in fact a new tactic.”
  • “NewJeans was a syndrome.”
  • “Leave NewJeans alone already.”
  • “NewJeans was indeed a syndrome, these nobodies are using such tacky wording
  • “Who are they?”
  • “But their song is pretty good. There are probably people like me who read this and looked them up.”
  • “They have SWF’s Emma but how come there were no reactions on any community site? And MC Mong is the one releasing it?”

Meanwhile, international netizens also rolled their eyes regarding BADVILLAIN’s debut feats.

They called out BPM Entertainment for “setting up” the girls by using too much ads, which according to netizens, was evident in the high number of views in their music videos despite having low album sales and likes.

A post shared by instagram

  • “The company is setting these girls up so bad omg, it’s normal to have ads but isn’t this too much.”
  • “Almost 50m in 24hours when they have sold 2k copies of their album.”
  • “The girls are clearly talented, but promoting them like this and so publicly attaching MC Mong’s name to them is going to kill their career before it even starts.”
  • “The fact they have 33 million views but 100k likes. Anyways, NewJeans you will forever be famous.”
  • “Nothing about this group speaks to me. The group name alone is giving me “disband in 3 to 4 years.”
  • “View records don’t really matter anymore since views can be bought, this feels like forced virality.”
  • “This is so embarrassing, why are they acting like they didn’t buy 90% of those views.”
  • “Fake it until you make it, I guess.”
  • “Their MV has millions of views but in reality, no one knows them.”

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