Breaking Free From The Past, Kim So-hyun Says Goodbye To Child Star Image

Kim So-hyun recently had an interview with Star News

Kim So-hyun, who made a name for herself as a child actress, has grown up beautifully. She has grown both physically and mentally in a healthy way. By not pressuring herself and finding satisfaction in what she’s given, she has developed a positive mindset. Now, even though she has become a respectable adult, she still appreciates the label “child actress” that sticks to her.

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Kim Sohyun

Recently, Kim So-hyun met with Star News at a café in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and talked about the tvN drama “No Use for Lies,” which ended on the 19th. She also talked about her acting career.

Kim So-hyun made her debut as a child actress in the drama “Legendary Hometown – Agaya Cheongsanga” in 2008. She gained recognition by appearing in various dramas such as “The Moon Embracing the Sun,” “I Miss You,” and “I Can Hear Your Voice.” After becoming an adult, she continued her career with roles in dramas like “Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung” and “River Where the Moon Rises.”

Kim Sohyun

Since her debut, every moment has been a flourishing period for her. Kim So-hyun even acknowledges the label of “child actress” with gratitude. She said, “I don’t think of myself as a child actress anymore, but I understand that people may still see me as young. I think it’s a natural reaction because people have seen me that way since I was young. I’ve come to accept it naturally. I think I used to feel the need to break away from it in the past, but now I’ve started to accept it naturally.”

Furthermore, Kim So-hyun reflected on the time that has passed. She shared, “When I transitioned from my teens to my twenties, I felt like I lost myself a lot. I didn’t know why I was doing this (acting), and I felt like I was losing myself, which led to a slump in my acting career.” She continued, “From that point on, I made an effort to reflect on myself and think about why I’m doing this. Ultimately, when I took a break and looked back, things fell into place. When I let go of my obsession with myself, I became more comfortable. I’ve grown to be able to accept change.”

Kim Sohyun

Time has passed, and Kim So-hyun has grown within that time frame. However, there is still much more she can offer. She mentioned, “I used to hear the word ‘stable’ a lot, and I used to wonder if it was a compliment. I thought it might be a word used because it’s monotonous and lacks excitement. So, I thought a lot about how to break free from that image. At some point, I realized that being stable is actually my strength, so I decided to embrace it.” She added, “Now, the pressure to constantly show something new or interesting has disappeared. I still have a lot to show, and from now on, I want to freely showcase new sides of myself without being confined by expectations.”

source: starnewskorea