Brian Joo stars on the ‘PSICK SHOW’, makes me jealous of his OCD show, finds a kindred spirit in Jaejoong

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Over a month ago, Fly To The Sky‘s Brian Joo talked about how he basically didn’t get paid while with SM Entertainment, and I mentioned that he’s having a second wind in variety recently and I’ll be covering it. Well, I’m only getting to it now because I’m worthless and lazy, but here we go!


Let’s kick things off with his appearance on the PSICK Show, which in my opinion was probably one of their better episodes.

In connection with the SME payment thing, he talks about how he basically got scammed into making his parents sign the contract (sound potential familiar to other situations?), talks about his cleaning show (more on that later), his commercials, and the benefits of living alone versus trying to get married.

Most importantly, here’s an eternal gyopo meme.

On related note, he’s not a whore…

… can tell clean versus dirty…

…and is finally able to let it all out about Fly To The Sky during the host impromptu noraebang session.

He also hates inflation because he’s a man of the people.

The whole thing is worth a watch.


Tracking back a bit, the reason for this sudden resurgence on variety shows and what not is because of a series he started in October of last year with Mdromeda Studio, where he … well, cleans.

Yeah, I am extremely jealous that he’s making bank off his OCD, and over his need for alone time and being somewhat anti-social.

While things are more entertainment-oriented later, the first episode is pretty real, honestly. While I’m not near this severe anymore (that’s what the shrinks are for!), this is a pretty good representation of what it can be like and how it can be so … debilitating at its worst.

Glad he seems to be able to function with all this and can profit from it, cause it’s honestly a lot of fun for me to watch from afar and not in the trenches.

Some of the more notable episodes for the sake of this site are probably washing BB Girls’ Yujeong’s car, being tortured by Cignature’s dorm from hell, and meeting up with NCT 127’s Taeyong and Johnny.

Oh and speaking of him making the rounds, he was also with Jaejoong on Jaefriends, who apparently was his cleaning buddy back in the SME days.

Based cleaner Jaejoong, I knew I could count on you.