“Bright Eyes in the Dark” Lead Stars Johnny Huang and Zhang Jingyi Leave Fans Swooning With their On-and-Off Screen Chemistry

Set in the context of a fireman department, iQIYI Original Series Bright Eyes in the Dark has gained much popularity, rising to the top three most popular dramas on the platform since its release.

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The male lead, Johnny Huang (黄景瑜), has also received many compliments for the highly realistic portrayal of his role. The fate and almost-destined love between him and Zhang Jingyi (张婧仪) in the show has also got the audience hooked, as they meet again and again whenever he goes out on a mission.

Johnny Huang even revealed that when he knew he was collaborating with Zhang Jingyi, who is six years younger than him, he worked extra hard in the gym to make sure he was ready for the show. Zhang Jingyi, on the other hand, shares how she felt reassured when acting with him, showing their chemistry off and on screen.

Adapted from Erdong Tuzi’s (耳东兔子) novel of the same name, Johnny Huang plays the fire station commander, Lin Luxiao, who is highly experienced in the firefighting field and also more talented than others. In a twist of fate, he became the instructor for a reality show that conveys fire safety knowledge.

Nan Chu (starring Zhang Jingyi), a passionate dancer, also happens to be a part of the show. As the two experience alarming dangers time and time again, they start developing feelings for each other. In the series, Lin Luxiao’s brother, who was concerned that their occupation would bring harm to their relationship, advised Lin Luxiao to consider carefully, to which he replied assertively: “I did think it through carefully, I just like her!” Nan Chu, on the other hand, stopped trying to express her interest in him after finding out that Lin Luxiao was indeed the fireman who saved her five years ago and when teased about their dramatic way of meeting, she retorted, “I call this fate and a predestined relationship! It is normal for me to fall for him when he has already saved me four times, especially since he is already placed on the pedestal in my heart.

After acknowledging their interest in each other and going out for their first-ever date, Lin Luxiao asked Nan Chu to throw the hoop at anything she liked when they walked past a game stall vendor, in response, she took a hoop and put it around his neck and with a sweet smile on her face, and said: “I like this one best!” “Then I shall be yours from now,” was Lin Luxiao’s response as they hugged each other on the streets. The vendor couldn’t help but comment, “Youngsters these days and their way of showing love…” The two couldn’t bear to part when their night came to an end and Nan Chu attempted to kiss Lin Luxiao on her tiptoes. The two’s adorable height difference sent the audience into a frenzy.

Bright Eyes in the Dark

When interviewed about the filming process of this scene, Johnny Huang shared, “It does seem really romantic in the show but if I had to be honest, it was super cold when we were filming. I was even wearing two layers of the winter jacket while filming the hoops scene and still freezing, that’s why this was one of my most memorable scenes as we still had to act as if we were super happy and, in the moment when all that was running through my mind was, “Is dating indoors not a vibe? Why do we have to walk around outside on a chilling winter day.

Bright Eyes in the Dark marks the first collaboration between Zhang Jingyi and Johnny Huang, and when asked about her first impression of him, Zhang Jingyi said, “He makes people feel very safe and secure just like Lin Luxiao and really treats others well, I would actually say I was touched.

There were two very memorable moments, one was when we were filming for the scene where he saved me for the first time. As it was a simulation of a fire scene, the water
that was sprayed out was slightly scalding and I was in short sleeves. Upon seeing the water being sprayed onto me multiple times, he came forward to help me block it off despite us not being familiar with each other then.  The second time was when we were filming the rappel scene. My hair got stuck into the buckle just as we were approaching the ground and luckily, he reacted in time, if not my scalp might not even be safe.”

They were also asked to share about their most memorable scene to which Zhang Jingyi said, “There was a particular scene whereby I was waiting for his return on the rooftop, from a particularly dangerous mission and then the canteen auntie came to join me shortly after as she herself was also in the exact position waiting for her son’s return and this resonated with me a lot.

However, Johnny Huang interrupted and burst the bubble by exposing her, “Isn’t it the most memorable because the wind was exceptionally strong that day? I heard from the rest that the wind literally sent her into a not too well state,” to which she nodded in agreement.

Lastly, Johnny Huang revealed that he diligently went to the gym because of the show, “As I was filming with someone a lot younger, all I wanted was to not drag the process so I head to the gym to do some aerobic training daily to see if I could also look younger. I mean I would even secretly head out for a 40-minute run before eating with the rest and I personally think that the outcome wasn’t too bad from my own experience, I can’t lose too much weight too quickly because then, creases might appear,” Zhang Jingyi who heard his answer even called him the “perfect fit for Lin Luxiao”.

Bright Eyes in the Dark is now exclusively available on iQIYI (www.iq.com and APP), with 18 episodes already aired to date.

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