“Bright Eyes in the Dark” Premieres With A Heart-Wrenching Earthquake Scene That Overwhelmed The Audiences

Johnny Huang finds himself in remorse in the opening episode after not being able to save a child from the ruins of the earthquake while Zhang Jingyi and him miss each other after their first meetup due to a mix-up in the opening week of Bright Eyes in the Dark.

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Bright Eyes in the Dark (他从火光中走来) premiered on iQIYI yesterday (19 Sept) after much anticipation from fans, causing fanfare online as many took to the net to discuss the series.

From the highly realistic earthquake tragedy to the close brush between the female and male lead and the remorse felt by the male lead, these incidents started this series with a bang.

Johnny Huang (黄景瑜) plays a firefighter, Lin Luxiao while Zhang Jingyi (张婧仪) plays a dancer, Nan Chu, who had to give up her passion for acting so as to get funds to save their dance association. The two met multiple times due to fate, became acquainted, then fell in love.

The premiere episode of Bright Eyes in the Dark was set in a seemingly realistic rescue work in an earthquake. From the reports from the news anchor on the latest rescue work updates to the dead bodies lying everywhere and the reflection of a city in ruins after the tragedy has led to fans complimenting the realism of the set.

The scene, disaster victims’ makeup, and the hourly countdown of the golden period to save the victims have made the audience feel like the details were planted right at the scene of the tragedy. The audience was left alone to watch the tragedy unfold before them helplessly as they found themselves unable to be of help to the victims. Not only that, but the professionalism of the team and the depth of research for the filming were some of the compliments given by netizens.

Just like how a structural engineer appeared at the scene to provide professional advice on how best to maximize survival rates and save those in need, the hard work of the team was acknowledged by fans online.

In the realistic earthquake scene, Johnny Huang also found himself facing immense remorse as he had to find a way to process his own emotions amidst the rescue works that were ongoing. In the first episode, Johnny Huang is made to go through what a real rescue worker would have to as he attempts to find the source of the sound — a child’s singing – and is able to track a pair of siblings down.

With a steel bar pierced through him, the older brother who found that his vision was impaired, requested for Johnny Huang to help check how his little sister was doing first, leaving the audience touched by the gesture.

However, as real as an actual aftershock can get, rescue workers must make the decision to rescue after assessing the situation and hence, pull Johnny Huang who already had a safety rope around him to safety which in turn caused him to miss the chance to save the child who was later buried alive.

Furthermore, Johnny Huang and Zhang Jingyi actually met during a fire accident where Johnny Huang became the hero who saved her from the fire. However, as he had his safety gear on that day, she wasn’t able to get a glimpse of his looks and could only identify him based on the badge number printed on his uniform.

When she decided to head to the local fire station to thank this unnamed hero, she was however told that her savior had sacrificed during a mission. But unbeknownst to both of them, Johnny Huang actually wore his senior’s shirt by accident that day and it was his senior who sacrificed, causing the mix-up. She carried the regret of not having to know who her savior was but was immensely grateful as she continued with life.

Adapted from a novel of the same name, Bright Eyes in the Dark starring Johnny Huang (黄景瑜) and Zhang Jingyi (张婧仪) tells the story of Lin Luxiao (starring Johnny Huang), a station leader, who had many years of experience in the field.

Due to fate, he was chosen to be the instructor for a variety show meant to educate the public on firefighting skills and general knowledge. While filming for the show, he met a dancer-actor Nan Chu (starring Zhang Jingyi) whom he had saved many years ago. The latter took a liking for him but he knew the danger and risk that came with his job and hence was unwilling to get close to her.

At the same time, fresh and new blood joins the force, together with Lou Mingzhi (starring Wang Ziqi 王子奇) who brought the latest gear and technology from overseas to their local fire stations.

As the three generations of firefighters work together to execute evacuation and rescue works in the fire, earthquake, and airfields, they bring the station to greater heights.

Bright Eyes in the Dark

Nan Chu and Lin Luxiao also acknowledged their feelings towards each other after getting to know each other but when faced with a highly dangerous fire mission in the forest, Lin Luxiao still decides to join his teammates as they head into the unknown.

Bright Eyes in the Dark is now available on iQIYI (www.iq.com and APP), with two new episodes uploaded for VIP members and one for non-VIP members daily.

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