‘Bring Back BLACKPINK’: BABYMONSTER & Jisoo’s Actions Spark Longing For Superstar Girl Group

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With the recent activities of BABYMONSTER and Jisoo, fans are missing BLACKPINK more than ever.

On May 11, 2024, BABYMONSTER held their first fan meeting in Japan, kicking off their Asia fan meeting tour. Alongside tracks from their debut mini-album, this rookie YG Entertainment girl group performed several hits from their senior under their labels. One of the songs they performed is BLACKPINK’s “As If It’s Your Last.” A video of their performance of the song has amassed over 1.3 billion views.

The performance of this particular BLACKPINK song surprised the audience. Unfortunately, technical issues caused the music to stop abruptly twice. Despite these technical mishaps, the members of BABYMONSTER handled the situation with professionalism, continuing to perform without letting their frustration show.

Clips of BABYMONSTER’s professionalism as they handled the sudden situation quickly went viral on social media, with many expressing admiration for the poise displayed by rookie idols.

Following BABYMONSTER’s performance of “As If It’s Your Last,” nostalgia for BLACKPINK surged among fans. After completing their “BORN PINK” world tour in September 2023 and their appearance at Buckingham Palace in November 2023, fans have been eagerly waiting for the next time they get to see all four members together. Due to how rare it is to see the four members together, many are hoping for a single chance to see the girl group soon.

Recently, Jisoo shared a story on her Instagram to promote BLACKPINK’s collaboration with the digital platform VEVE Vibes, which is a game set to launch in May 2024. The post featured AI-generated images of the four members, sparking excitement among fans hopeful for a real comeback.

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Currently, BLACKPINK members are focused on their solo activities. Jisoo is currently busy with her acting career, while Jennie has released collaborations with other artists and is working on her new album. Meanwhile, Lisa is busy filming “The White Lotus” and is rumored to be preparing a solo album with RCA Records, and Rosé has teased fans with hints that she is working on her solo album.

Fans hoping for a BLACKPINK group comeback may have to wait until at least the first half of 2025. Currently, there is no confirmation that BLACKPINK is working on a comeback.

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