British Media says, “Min Heejin is a Woman Resisting Korea’s Patriarchal Workplace Culture”


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British daily Financial Times (FT) reported on the conflict between HYBE and ADOR’s CEO Min Heejin, interpreting it as “many Korean women view Min Heejin as a young woman fighting against a patriarchal workplace culture.”

FT further stated, “This situation raises questions about how the K-pop industry, including top entertainment companies like HYBE, can replicate the success of the past decade amid declining stock prices,” and predicted, “HYBE will find it more challenging to handle Min Heejin as she is seen as a hero by many young women.”

A 31-year-old woman working in the education sector in Seoul told the newspaper, “What Min Heejin is experiencing is what we also face daily in male-dominated and hierarchical corporate cultures,” adding, “Min speaking out loud is something we have long dreamed of.”


-I’ve supported Min Heejin from the start, regardless of her gender. It’s shocking that someone as capable as Min Heejin is being unfairly mistreated just because she’s a woman.

-As an office worker who is excluded from golf and hostess bars, I support her.

-Exactly, yes.

-Regardless of her gender, Min Heejin is extremely capable. I think she’s the most reasonable and intelligent executive within HYBE.

-Exactly, it’s surprising that even someone like Min Heejin is subjected to such dirty and difficult situations.

-Her transparency and impressive actions make her a respectable figure.

-Exactly, that’s why I support her.

-Even in female-dominated workplaces, all executives are male in this country.

-Her press conference didn’t go viral for no reason.

-If I were competent, I’d want to work with Min Heejin. I’ve always wished I could work under her!

-As a woman working in a company, you can’t help but relate. That’s why she seems even more amazing.

-I would support Min Heejin even if she were a man. She keeps her company card expenses clean, doesn’t kiss up to higher-ups, and confidently voices her opinions. It’s admirable. The old men form their own network through room salons and golf, trying hard to push out a female executive who stands firm and does her job well. It makes you want to support her.

-Min Heejin did a great job. She truly demonstrated what capability is.

-This is something anyone who has worked in a company would understand and empathize with Min Heejin, regardless of their gender.