BTS fans are not happy at all with Hybe abusing BTS’s name in their media play

Video: BTS fans ‘Army’ explodes with rage… “agency is not fulfilling their end of the contract”

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Source: KBS News via YouTube

[+1,100] Yeah, everyone’s talking about Hybe right now but Hybe keeps trying to drag BTS into it and using them as their shield, it’s so annoying

[+1,000] At least the Armies know what’s up

[+1,000] If Hybe truly cares about Armies… they would go sue Dahn World for trying to tarnish BTS’s image

[+940] BTS is BTS even without Hybe, the Armies are right. They’re really smart.

[+579] They’re right. I support BTS, that doesn’t mean I support Hybe.

[+291] I’m a New Jeans fan but I support BTS. So uncomfortable how Hybe uses BTS to take the bullets for them whenever they get in trouble.

[+456] Hybe is always using BTS to protect themselves whenever they get into scandals ㅋㅋㅋ such a problematic company

[+950] Us Armies have always hated Bang Shi Hyuk

[+150] Why Armies are trying to protect BTS: The Dahn World scandal was originally directed at Hybe but Hybe has continually failed to put out a proper clarification while consistently trying to make it seem as if there’s some big conspiracy against BTS.

[+225] Bang Shi Hyuk, stop hiding behind BTS! We can see your belly anyway~ 

[+189] Army is BTS’s fandom… not Hybe’s!!

[+207] Hybe has committed a breach of trust by consistently dragging BTS into their scandal about Dahn World

[+444] What’s even funnier is that sajaegi court stuff was something committed by Hybe, not BTS, but Hybe kept media playing about slander towards BTS and used BTS’s name as their shield again. They have zero consideration for their own artists.

[+114] Hybe loved media playing about how they’d be fine without BTS but continually uses BTS as their shield for scandals. Armies have never liked Hybe from the start.

[+47] Armies rarely participate in things like this but it seemed like even the bigger fanclubs were united in their participation. Imagine how disgusted they all were with Hybe to go this far ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Fans only chose to accept the contract renewals out of respect for the members’ decisions, but that doesn’t make them fans of Hybe too.

[+203] Should just change their name to Shield Boys