BTS fans are preparing to send funeral wreaths to HYBE

Funeral wreaths that will be delivered to HYBE soon

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“#1 incompetent company in the industry, congratulations on being famous ♡”

“When needed, our BTS, when unfavorable, bring out the bulletproof youth group”

“There was no response, I thought you were dead so I had to send a wreath”

“One risk after another, I hope BTS gets rid of HYBE soon”

1. I support the fans and hope BTS leaves HYBE. Please don’t renew the contract

2. It’s true that HYBE is using BTS as a shield. Bang Si Hyuk and Park Ji Won, who are hiding behind BTS, what the hell are they doing?

3. BTS is the biggest beneficiary of sajaegi, but they do this because of the sajaegi controversy…? This is ridiculous

4. That’s the only thing fans can do, right?

5. Well, I understand how the fans feel but I don’t feel sorry for BTS because they benefit from sajaegi

6. BTS fans must also be so upset. HYBE remained silent without revealing anything and only apologized to shareholders

7. Wouldn’t a funeral wreath be more effective than a protest truck?

8. HYBE has worked hard to make BTS top stars, but fans don’t know how to be grateful. Bang Si Hyuk is even ready to go to court

9. From a fans’ perspective, I understand why they did it, but BTS is also the one who has benefited the most

10. It seems that BTS fans are upset because the members are treated like shields

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