BTS Fans Express Complete Disappoint with HYBE over “Low-effort” Merch

Recently, a topic titled “BTS Festa Merch receives poor response” was published on the Korena forum “theqoo”, drawing massive attention with over 1,200 comments. 

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The topic in question attached several images of HYBE’s latest merch for the BTS 2024 Festa – an event held in celebration of BTS’s debut anniversary. 

However, as can be seen from the attached photos, all of the merchandise are extremely low-effort in terms of design, with the same logos carelessly plastered on hats, hoodies, and shirts – which are only in black and white.

This has led to fans voicing their frustration all over SNS, calling the merch “low effort” and accusing HYBE of trying to “milk money” from fans with poorly-designed and low-quality goods. On top of that, the prices also belong to the upper range, further upsetting fans. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Do they think fans are stupid enough to buy these? 
  • Low quality, ugly, and expensive. If they want to make money, they should but in more effort
  • They don’t care about BTS at all, only about the money.
  • Do HYBE even has a merch design team? Because what the hell is this?
  • Zero effort…
  • There is no sincerity and the quality is poor.. It’s been a long time since I bought any goods… I’m just angry. What on earth do they think of BTS and their fans? 
  • Wow they really are treating fans like mindless ATMs

Source: theqoo