BTS’ fans harass Song Da Eun, her acquaintances and family members + Song Da Eun responds

Previous comments on Song Da Eun’s Instagram

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Malicious comments about Song Da Eun because of her dating rumors with BTS Jimin


“Did she get plastic surgery?”
Song Da Eun: I haven’t gotten any plastic surgery done 🙂

“You’re just another attention seeker”
Song Da Eun: The song is from Netflix’s First Love. I uploaded it because it was fun

“It’s so funny how after people called her old she uploaded a photo from 5 years ago as if it was a recent picture”
Song Da Eun: Do you think the photo is 5 years old because of the clothes I’m wearing? I took a photo wearing the same clothes this summer, too

Song Da Eun: You too

They harassed not only Song Da Eun but also her acquaintances and family members

1. She really suffered a lot… I feel sorry for her

2. That woman is also so weird

3. Don’t call them fans. What kind of fan is that?

4. Jimin’s fans have really crossed the line

5. There are a lot of malicious comments on Instagram. They’re foreign fans, but they’re in English so I can’t understand exactly, but it seems like foreign fans are treating Song Da Eun like a stalker for Jimin. This will only end when the man admits that they are dating

6. Dating is a two-person affair, but it’s sad that she’s the only one being criticized like that

7. Honestly, I wonder if that group has normal fans

8. Is it because fans think they will break up if they harass her?

9. What? I’m an ARMY and today was the first time I heard something like this, I looked it up and found out that they are living together????

10. I see a lot of people suffering from all kinds of mental illnesses as fans of idols ㅠㅠ

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