BTS fans have been so quiet lately

BTS fans have been so quiet lately

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1. Everyone seems to be coming back from the second half of this year

2. Jin will be discharged in June and J-Hope will be discharged in October!!

3. Are you calling me?

4. Daebak, there are a lot of comments from ARMYs

5. I’m resting because BTS members are in the army

6. I’m on my way to work

7. Wow, the power of BTS fans is crazy.. Amazing..

8. You called me, right?

9. I guess they can’t help but be a little quiet now. But there are many BTS fans everywhere. Later when BTS is discharged from the army, they will continue to support BTS. I’m not a fan, but I really like BTS

10. No, I also commented, but there were too many comments

11. I’m here💜

12. Who called me?

13. I heard that someone called me from here…👀

14. 👀 The art of summoning ARMYs

15. I came here because you called me💜

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