BTS fans learning Korean history to defend misinformation online impresses netizens

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Article: BTS fans destroying incorrect history being spread by Chinese netizens earns spotlight

Source: Insight via Instagram

[+504] So what I want to know is why it’s up to the fans and their groups to have to handle this. My own country frustrates me so much with how behind the ball they are on stuff like this.

[+381] This is what we mean by positive influence. This is what makes you a real fan 👏

[+170] All of our nutty politicians with their heads stuck up in the skies could never accomplish even half of what BTS fans have done. I feel so strong with them on our side!

[+121] So smart of the fans to study up on Korean history like this

[+64] Wow… BTs setting things right! Good work!

[+67] So much respect and love for their fandom. You guys are the true heroes protecting this country 👏🏻👏🏻

[+30] Better than our own politicians. They are making their own history like this 😍

[+42] Wow.. daebak… to study up on the history of your favorite group like this, and then to defend them.. I could never have imagined them going so far, it’s daebak. BTS is such a national treasure.

[+16] BTS and Armies are so amazing. All that fan stuff aside, they’re just amazing people.

[+10] Just Armies being Armies… 👏

[+11] Thank you! You guys are amazing!

[+2] BTS just needs to be president

[+6] How could you not respect such a fandom!!! Thank you… 👏👏👏👏👏

[+2] It makes you realize what the power of culture can really accomplish. Amazing of BTS and Armies.

[+28] All my respect to BTS and their fans…! ㅎ