BTS J-Hope’s ‘Boycotted’ Album Sales Ignite Heated Debate Among ARMYs — Here’s What Happened

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The results of the ongoing boycott of J-Hope’s newest album have divided ARMYs online.

Read more about what happened below.

BTS J-Hope’s ‘Hope on the Street Vol. 1’ Experiences ‘Declining’ Album Sales Performance + ARMYs Confliced 

K-pop fans of HYBE groups have been vocal against the agency for the past several months, as the protests are mainly fixated on Scooter Braun, the CEO of HYBE America.

The protests have gone through multiple boycotts with the purpose of cutting HYBE’s ties with Zionism. One example of the protest that transpired was when fans attempted to boycott Suga’s upcoming “D-DAY” movie due to its screenings in Israel, which HYBE faced backlash for.

Eventually, fans also set their eyes on boycotting member J-Hope’s newest album “Hope on the Street Vol. 1.” The special album was released on March 29, together with its title track “NEURON” and features artists such as Huh Yunjin, Jungkook, Gaeko and many more.

BTS J-Hope, Hope on the Street Vol. 1
(Photo : Facebook: BTS (방탄소년단))
BTS J-Hope, Hope on the Street Vol. 1
(Photo : Facebook: BTS (방탄소년단))

BTS J-Hope, Hope on the Street Vol. 1
(Photo : Facebook: BTS (방탄소년단))

However, instead of the album excelling in its performance on the charts, Hanteo revealed that it only secured a total of 467,014 sales, which was a decline compared to the 519,476 set by “Jack In The Box.”

“Hope on the Street Vol. 1” initially reached 743 album sales in its fifth day since it was released, concluding a total of 445,939. Two days later, the album reached its seventh day, finalizing 467,014 album sales for its first week.

The poor sales performance was claimed by many as the result of the ongoing boycott. On social media platform X (Twitter), ARMYs stood their ground regarding the goal of making a statement to HYBE through the protest.

Read their reactions below:

Meanwhile, some ARMYs enraged with the boycott results, as they expressed anger over the ones who didn’t support J-Hope’s new release. Here’s how they reacted:

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