BTS Jimin Makes Headlines Again with Massive Scholarship Donation

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BTS’ Jimin has once again showcased his philanthropic spirit by donating 100 million won ($72,647.24 USD) in scholarships to the Gyeongnam Office of Education. This act of generosity reflects Jimin’s ongoing commitment to supporting education and providing opportunities for students in need.

An official from the Provincial Office of Education confirmed the donation on May 30, highlighting Jimin’s sincere intentions behind the contribution.

“Singer Jimin spent his school days in Busan and has no direct connection to Gyeongnam, but we understand he made the donation with pure intentions for students in the province,” the official stated.

This donation adds to Jimin’s previous efforts in supporting education. Since 2019, he has been actively donating scholarships and books to offices of education in cities like Busan and Jeonnam. Many fans expressed their admiration for Jimin.

Some commented:

  • “my angel baby”
  • “that is so sweet of him”
  • “Jimin has the kindest soul”
  • “He did a lot of good”
  • “A superbly kind gesture from Jimin”
  • “So handsome and generous. I liked him already JIMIN”
  • “Our kind hearted man, Park jimin Hope he’s doing well in his military service”

His latest contribution will specifically benefit students from low-income families in Gyeongnam province through the Gyeongsangnam-do Future Education Foundation, which is supported by the Provincial Office of Education.

Jimin’s dedication to making a positive impact on education and his consistent acts of kindness continue to inspire fans and communities alike.

In recent news, BTS member Jimin quietly donated 100 million won (about $84,573 USD) to Rotary District 3590 to support polio patients. The donation, made in July, was revealed later by the organization.

Jimin’s contribution will aid in a fundraising campaign for polio vaccine production, with funds to be disclosed on World Polio Day, October 24. Like his previous acts of generosity, Jimin’s donation remained unknown until a fan spotted a banner in South Korea’s Gosung city acknowledging his contribution.

This isn’t the first time Jimin has given back; he’s previously donated to education development and scholarship programs, inspiring his fans to engage in charitable activities as well.