BTS Jimin’s Immense Impact On K-Food & Luxury Brand Stock Prices

Enjoying global promotional benefits due to the influence of BTS’s Jimin with buldak bokkeum myeon, Samyang Foods witnessed its market capitalization reach the highest record of 2.4519 trillion won, surpassing its competitors for the first time since 1995.

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The popularity of buldak bokkeum myeon is thanks to the ‘challenge’ trend on social media. In the early days when it was first introduced to the market, many people evaluated that it was too spicy to eat. As the spicy taste went viral, a ‘buldak bokkeum myeon challenge’ emerged as people filmed themselves challenging the noodles and posted videos on YouTube and TikTok.

bts jimin

After the live broadcast in which Jimin ate carbonara buldak bokkeum myeon, this kind of noodles suddenly became famous. In response, Samyang Foods’s vice chairman Kim Jung-soo directly mentioned Jimin on a program and thanked him, saying “Thanks to BTS member Jimin, who showed himself enjoying buldak bokkeum myeon, we are getting good advertising effect”.

Prior to Samyang Foods, luxury brand Dior also benefited from “Jimin’s Effect” after selecting the male idol as their Global Ambassador. With Jimin showcasing his luxurious and elegant charms while doing ambassador activities, such as major brand events, advertising campaigns, etc., Dior’s stock price hit its highest peak in 31 years after it was listed on the stock market in 1992.

bts jimin

In addition, HYBE’s stock price also soared after Jimin became the first Korean solo singer to top the US Billboard ‘HOT 100’ Chart with “Like Crazy”. 

Meanwhile, Jimin’s “Like Crazy” topped the global music streaming platform Deezer’s Worldwide Top 100 for 100th day as of May 30th. This is a new first and only record in Korean music history, certifying Jimin’s huge impact. His pre-release song “Set Me Free Pt.2” of the album “FACE” also ranked No.11, while “Closer Than This”, Jimin’s last gift to fans before enlisting, placed No.47. With “Like Crazy” Deep House Remix and UK Garage Remix placing No.51 and No.52, Jimin has a total of five songs in the TOP 100.

Joining the army together with Jungkook, Jimin is scheduled to be discharged on June 11th, 2025.