BTS Jin Brother Makes Surprise Cameo on TikTok — Fans Are Losing It

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Netizens were recently left in awe when BTS Jin’s brother, Kim Seok Jung, made a rare appearance on a Japanese influencer’s TikTok. The video was filmed at their family-owned restaurant, Ossu Seiromushi, adding an extra layer of excitement for fans.

Jin, a member of the global sensation BTS, and his brother Kim Seok Jung have always shared a close bond. In 2018, they opened Ossu Seiromushi, with Jin as the director and Seok Jung as the owner.

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The restaurant is renowned for its traditional Japanese cuisine, specifically seiro-mushi style, where food is served in wooden steamers. Since its opening, it has attracted both food enthusiasts and BTS fans alike.

The recent TikTok video was shared by the influencer @satton_korean101. In the video, she introduced Kim Seok Jung, explaining that she spoke Japanese while he spoke Korean.

Throughout the video, @satton_korean101 described various Japanese terms, to which Seok Jung responded with their Korean counterparts, including everyday words like chopsticks and tongs.

The video concluded with a playful moment where Seok Jung attempted a cute pose and let out an adorable scream, showing his shy and endearing personality.

This rare glimpse into Seok Jung’s character delighted fans, many of whom noted the striking similarities between him and his famous brother, Jin. Some netizen remarked,

  • “Their voices are so similar, it felt like Jin himself was in the video.”
  • “why i heard Jin’s voice at the end?? is it just me or..??”
  • “is he jin’s elder brother ?”
  • “at the end, i hear jin”
  • “why did that sound like Jin”
  • “That’s my brother in law “
  • “hello jin brother”
  • “his smile after saying cola, seokjin really takes after him”
  • “wow, isn’t this the first time we see Jin’s brother like this?? his smile is kinda similar!”
  • “please the last one is so Jin coded “

With Jin set to be discharged from his military enlistment soon, the video has added to the emotional anticipation among ARMYs, BTS’s dedicated fanbase.