BTS Jin, Jimin, & V’s ‘Spicy’ Feud Leaves ARMYs in Shock — What’s the Real Story Behind the Drama?

BTS Jin, Jimin, and V found themselves embroiled in a “spicy” debate that has ignited a storm of reactions from netizens worldwide.

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Here’s the full story.

Viral Camaraderie: BTS Jin, Jimin, & V’s ‘Spicy’ Debate

The discourse began on September 13 when Jimin took to social media to engage with his fans, raising a rather intriguing question. He queried whether anyone else experienced relief from the scorching aftermath of consuming spicy food by indulging in something hot. 

In his own words, Jimin expressed:

“You know how it’s really spicy when you eat spicy food? Although there is momentary pain, don’t you feel better when you eat something hot? Is there anyone else who agrees with me?”

This inquiry sparked immediate curiosity among fans, as they eagerly awaited further insights. Jimin went on to elaborate on his spicy food hypothesis, emphasizing the contrasting effects of hot and cold remedies.

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He asserted that after consuming something hot, the pain might intensify momentarily but ultimately subside. Encouraging his fans to try this remedy for themselves, Jimin left a simple yet resounding recommendation.

What added an unexpected twist to the exchange was the entry of Jin, who is currently serving in the military. His response raised more than a few eyebrows, as he expressed gratitude for the advice and humorously claimed:

“Thank you. After experiencing it again, this time, I was accepted into Harvard University.Thank you so much.”


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This unexpected comment from Jin, known for his playful personality, left fans both amused and bewildered.

Jimin, undeterred by Jin’s response, encouraged him to put his theory to the test in the military.

Jin responded with an equally cryptic message, stating:

“Thank you. After reading this, I tried eating something hot after eating something spicy, and I was accepted to Seoul University.” 

His jesting remarks kept fans guessing about the true intention behind his responses.

Amidst this intriguing exchange, V, known for his straightforwardness, interjected with a succinct response:

“Spicy food is simply just spicy.”

His straightforward comment provided a refreshing contrast to the playful banter between Jimin and Jin.


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The unexpected and entertaining conversation between these BTS members quickly went viral, leaving fans and netizens celebrating their camaraderie and playful interaction.

As fans eagerly await their next musical endeavors, this “spicy” debate has provided a delightful diversion and insight into the unique personalities that make up the global sensation known as BTS.