BTS Jin’s Witty Comeback to Bang Si Hyuk’s ‘Sarcastic Text’ Sparks Comparisons

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In a recent revelation that sent shockwaves through the K-pop industry, Min Hee Jin, CEO of ADOR Entertainment, disclosed the sarcastic text messages she received from Bang Si Hyuk, the founder of HYBE Corporation, following the global success of NewJeans’ latest single, “OMG.”

The exchange, which took place after NewJeans made their debut on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, showcased Jin’s unwavering wit in the face of subtle jabs.

The Text Exchange

The messages, initially shared in private but later circulated widely on social media, shed light on the dynamic between Jin and Bang Si Hyuk, two titans of the Korean entertainment industry.

(Photo : Twitter)

Bang Si Hyuk: “Are you enjoying this?”

Min Hee Jin: “Kekeke.”

Bang Si Hyuk: “Why are you laughing? Keke. Just because I’m really curious.”

Min Hee Jin: “What? What are you curious about?”

Bang Si Hyuk: “If you’re enjoying this.”

This exchange, coupled with another text conversation between the two, ignited a storm of reactions from fans worldwide. The second conversation featured Bang Si Hyuk poking fun at Jin’s enjoyment of the situation, to which Jin responded with his trademark sassiness.

Bang Si Hyuk
Bang Si Hyuk
(Photo : Instagram)

Bang Si Hyuk: “Are you having fun?”

Jin: “It’s fun. Because I’m handsome.”

Bang Si Hyuk: “Ha. Then, it wouldn’t be fun even if I went. Good thing I stayed here to edit the music video.”

Fan Reactions

Fans quickly lauded Jin for his unshakable attitude and quick wit in the face of Bang Si Hyuk’s sarcasm.

Despite the attempts at teasing from the HYBE founder, Jin effortlessly turned the tables with his own brand of humor.

“Why are the QRTs all so curious about Bang Si Hyuk’s emoticons? I’m more curious about that handsome oppa’s super strong mentality,” remarked one fan, highlighting Jin’s resilience and charm.

Another fan echoed similar sentiments, stating, “A loser can never claim victory over a handsome man. I felt that in my bones.”

Mixed Reactions

However, not all reactions were as light-hearted, with some questioning Bang Si Hyuk’s tone in the messages. “Ah FR, why does Bang Si Hyuk speak like such a loser?” expressed one user, hinting at a perceived imbalance in the exchange.

Jin’s reputation for maintaining a strong mentality amidst industry pressures only solidified further in the eyes of fans following this incident.

His ability to navigate playful banter with grace and humor has endeared him to fans even more, earning him praise for handling the situation with poise and confidence.


As the K-pop world continues to buzz with excitement over NewJeans’ rise to international fame, Min Hee Jin’s epic response to Bang Si Hyuk serves as a reminder of the personalities that shape the industry’s landscape-one filled with talent, humor, and unwavering determination.