BTS Jungkook Baffling Over TikTok ‘Glitch’ Upon Uploading ‘Smoke’ Dance Challenge— Here’s What Happened

BTS Jungkook recently sent shockwaves through the ARMY community by taking on the viral “Smoke” challenge.

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The challenge, conceived by the renowned professional dancer and choreographer, Bada Lee, currently participating in Street Woman Fighter 2 with her group Bebe, has taken social media by storm.

Jungkook’s “Smoke” Dance Challenge Ignites ARMY Frenzy with Jaw-Dropping Performance

Jungkook’s rendition of the challenge exceeded all expectations, leaving fans astounded not just by his impeccable dancing but also by the overall production and ambiance of the video.

BTS Jungkook

(Photo : twitter|@bts_bighit@)

Sharing the video on TikTok, the idol sparked a frenzy among ARMYs, who couldn’t contain their excitement.

You can watch it here:

   @jungkook #smokechallage #JK #정국 #정구ᄀ ♬ 오리지널 사운드 – JK    

Adding a personal touch to his creation, Jungkook revealed that he had edited the video himself, underscoring the effort he had poured into this project.

BTS Jungkook

(Photo : twitter|@bts_bighit@)

As the video made its rounds on the internet, netizens couldn’t help but shower praise on Jungkook’s extraordinary dance skills and the captivating aesthetics of the video.

Read on their comments below:

  • “OMG IS THIS REALLY JK?????????????”
  • “D*MN JK IS ON”
  • “2.2M views in 2 hours jungkook you will always be famous”
  • “Wow This is amazing JK”
  • “JK rules tiktok”
  • “YOU NAILED IT JK!!!!”
  • “You look cool Jungkook”
  • “wow king, ate them all up , you are Slaying”
  • “This dance is so cool”

This wasn’t the first time the idol had taken on dance challenges, and once again, he left his audience in awe.

BTS Jungkook Shares His TikTok ‘Glitch’ Experience with ‘Smoke’ Dance Challenge

BTS Jungkook

(Photo : twitter|@bts_bighit@)

 Amidst the fanfare, a bewildering twist emerged. Shortly after Jungkook’s TikTok masterpiece went live, he took to Weverse, BTS’s dedicated social media platform, to express his dismay.

It appeared that something had gone amiss with his TikTok posts, leaving him perplexed.

“Wait, why? I only added #Jungkook to my TikTok posts, and now it’s all weird. What’s going on?! PLEASE MAKE IT GO BACK TO HOW IT WAS!”


The idol clarified that he had only intended to use the hashtag #Jungkook, but upon inspection, he discovered two additional hashtags he hadn’t added himself.

Despite the unexpected hiccup, Jungkook’s video continues to dominate the internet, captivating viewers with his unparalleled skills and talent.

As the K-pop sensation graces the digital stage once again, fans eagerly await further developments in this electrifying online saga.