BTS Jungkook Breaks Silence on the INTENSE Pressure He Faces Daily

In a recent interview with Vogue Korea, BTS’s Jungkook candidly shared the driving force behind his relentless pursuit of personal goals amidst the relentless public attention and scrutiny he faces.

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Throughout the conversation, he repeatedly acknowledged and expressed gratitude to the band’s passionate fanbase, known as ARMY.

Pressure as Motivation: How Jungkook Stays True to Himself Amidst Challenges 

When questioned about his evolving perception of receiving love from others, Jungkook revealed a newfound appreciation for the affection and support he receives from ARMY. He described this change as a natural and sudden shift, one that has made him more candid in his interactions and outlook.

The pivotal moment of the interview came when he was asked about the primary motivation behind his personal aspirations. Without hesitation, Jungkook emphatically declared, “ARMY.” He went on to explain that everything he does is dedicated to ARMY, and his ultimate goal is to make them proud.


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Throughout the interview, Jungkook shouted out BTS’s fandom, ARMY, many times. He expressed sincere gratitude to them when the interviewer mentioned how Jungkook’s mindset about receiving love from others shifted. 

Vogue Korea: You used to say you didn’t know why people loved you. But you’ve changed your mind recently, acknowledging that people do love you and that there must be a reason. You even said that this change happened abruptly yet naturally. Did this change impact you in any way as a person and as an artist?

Jungkook: I’ve become more candid about everything and everyone around me. I’m truly grateful to the ARMY [the BTS fandom].

He acknowledged the considerable pressure he feels but emphasized that this pressure only fuels his determination to remain authentic and true to himself, believing that it is what his fans deserve. 


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Before discussing his future plans post-promotion for “Seven,” Jungkook once again turned his thoughts to ARMY, expressing his desire to perform on various stages and reunite with the ARMY members.

This interview underscores Jungkook’s profound love and appreciation for his devoted fanbase, showcasing the deep bond between him and the ARMY.

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