BTS Jungkook joins Smoke Challenge of “Street Woman Fighter 2” with self-edited video

Jungkook drew attention by participating in the challenge of “Street Woman Fighter 2” mission song “Smoke”

On September 15th, Jungkook posted on the fan communication platform Weverse, saying “I’ll try it”, adding “The editing was so difficult”.

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Later, he uploaded a dance challenge video on his official TikTok account. Jungkook showcased his unique and powerful moves when dancing to the song “Smoke” by hip-hop duo Dynamic Duo (Gaeko & Choiza) featuring rapper Lee Young Ji.

bts jungkook

In response to Jungkook’s “Smoke” challenge video, K-pop fans poured compliments, saying “I can’t believe he could dance so well in such a narrow hotel room”, “He seems to be good at controlling his strength”, “His strength is incredible”, “He dances so well”, “His dance is already beautiful but the editing quality is also amazing”, etc.

Following “Hey Mama” in Season 1 and “New Thing” in “Street Man Fighter”, the Leader Class mission song “Smoke” in “Street Woman Fighter 2” also became a hit with its unique dance performance choreographed by BEBE’s leader Bada.

Since the song was released, numerous dance challenge videos have been released on social media, such as Instagram Reels, TikTok, etc. Many K-pop stars have participated in the challenge, including BTS V, Jay Park, IVE Ahn Yu Jin, RIIZE Shotaro, NCT Taeyong, ITZY Ryujin & Yeji, etc.

Source: Nate