BTS Jungkook Receives High Praise from ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Director Baz Luhrmann

Internationally acclaimed director Baz Luhrmann recently lavished praise on BTS Jungkook 

In a recent post on his Instagram account, Baz Luhrmann mentioned BTS Jungkook and shared a photo comparing scenes from Jungkook’s ‘Standing Next to You’ MV with scenes from his 1996 masterpiece film ‘Romeo and Juliet’ that he directed, co-wrote, and produced. 

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The contrasting atmosphere between Jungkook, adorned with black wings, and Juliet (Claire Danes), adorned with white wings, in the final shot, evoked a subtle fascination.

Baz Luhrmann also expressed admiration for Jungkook. He said, “Even after 27 years, seeing new generation artists like the gifted JK (Jungkook) still influenced by Romeo and Juliet is great.” 

Baz Luhrmann praised Jungkook as a talented artist, highlighting Jungkook’s outstanding acting, diverse charm, and fantastic performance in the ‘Standing Next to You’ MV, expressing both satisfaction and admiration.

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Previously, the director of the ‘Standing Next to You’ MV, Tanu Muino, shared the MV on her Instagram and said, “My version of Romeo. It was really enjoyable working with you Jungkook, every take was perfect!” while metaphorically referring to Jungkook as Romeo and paying homage to the film ‘Romeo and Juliet.’

Global fans expressed various reactions such as “The homage to Romeo and Juliet is perfect,” “The director of the masterpiece Romeo and Juliet acknowledges that Jungkook suits the role perfectly,” “After 27 years, every woman’s Romeo is Jungkook,” and “Jungkook showed exceptional in the music video! The whole world has fallen for him.”

jungkook golden

The lyrics of ‘Standing Next to You’ contain a message of deep love that transcends any adversity: “Our love is deeper than anything, I will be with you no matter what hardships come our way.”

Jungkook’s ‘Standing Next to You’ MV achieved 10 million views on YouTube within 18 hours of its release, quickly claiming the top spot as the most popular music video worldwide and securing the global weekly music video chart on YouTube, showcasing overwhelming popularity. 

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