BTS Jungkook Reveals Real Reason Behind Every ‘GOLDEN’ Track Being Love Song

In an exclusive interview with Apple Music, BTS Jungkook delved into the intricacies of his highly anticipated album, “GOLDEN,” shedding light on the thematic thread that ties the tracks together – love.

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Released amidst much anticipation, the album has been a subject of curiosity, especially after the unveiling of Jungkook’s initial single, which surprised many with its explicit nature.

Jungkook’s Clarification: Not Personal Stories, but Universal Emotions

The anticipation surrounding “GOLDEN” was heightened by subsequent releases like “3D,” offering fans a glimpse into the musical direction Jungkook was steering toward.

The overarching theme of love and relationships is palpable throughout the album, ranging from the innuendo-laden “Standing Next To You” to the heartbreakingly honest “Hate You.”


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During the interview, Zane Lowe, the seasoned interviewer, probed Jungkook about the lyrical evolution seen in “SEVEN” and inquired about the artist’s decision to embrace a more “honest and unfiltered” approach.

Jungkook, addressing criticisms that suggested the songs were personal narratives, clarified that none of the tracks were autobiographical but acknowledged the universality of love as a theme.


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Actually, they’re all love songs, which I felt were the most universal feeling. So I wanted to work on a lot of these good songs that fit within that kind of theme. And so you’ll notice in the album there’s a continuum of that love theme.

Acknowledging his awareness of current musical trends, Jungkook revealed that he recognized this moment as crucial for him as a young artist to explore and experiment with lyrics that reflect his personal growth.

Despite the challenges of changing his image and embracing a different lyrical style, he approached it as an opportunity for artistic evolution.


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This is a very important time for me. But as a young artist this would be the time for me to sing lyrics like that and I needed to change up my image a little bit. Honestly, even for me it was a challenge and I was concerned about the lyrics myself.

– Jungkook

“GOLDEN” stands as a testament to Jungkook’s versatility and artistic growth, showcasing his ability to navigate various musical styles while maintaining a thematic cohesion that resonates with the universal experience of love.

The interview offers fans a deeper understanding of the thought process behind the album and a glimpse into Jungkook’s evolving identity as an artist.