BTS Jungkook shares thoughts on idol & fan relationship, “It is my choice to accept or ignore inappropriate words”

BTS member Jungkook talked about his method of maintaining a good relationship with ARMY

Jungkook recently filmed a photoshoot and had an interview with the magazine DAZED in the UK. About being a famous singer, Jungkook said, “I don’t take the overwhelming love of fans for granted”, adding “I think I must receive their love in a humble way. As I’m getting so much love and support from fans, I hope that they also feel more confident and be proud of themselves”.

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bts jungkook

Expressing his desire to challenge himself constantly, Jungkook shared, “I want to try as many genres as possible to see what kinds of music suit my voice”, adding “If you listen to my music and like it, I will continue doing it regardless of genre. I feel great when people say that I can digest any genre well. I want to surprise others”.

Known for his maknae image, Jungkook made a drastic transformation by releasing his solo song “Seven” in two versions, Clean ver. and Explicit ver., which contains 19+ lyrics. Regarding the comment asking if the Explicit version was really necessary, Jungkook said, “If I felt like that, I cannot do anything. How old am I now?”. Mentioning his boxing hobby, tattoos and on his arms as well as piercings, the youngest member of BTS said, “I like extreme things. People always say I look round and soft, but I actually want to make myself look sharp and strong”.

bts jungkook

Jungkook also confessed his desire to be honest with ARMY (BTS’s fandom) and maintain a strong bond with fans. That’s also the reason why he often holds lie broadcasts and shares stories of his daily life with fans. In response, fans are also naturally making requests, such as “Don’t drink too much”, or “Please go to bed early”. In this regard, Jungkook said, “I know they all those things because they are interested in me and care about me. I’m just okay with that”.

Jungkook also issued a firm warning toward sasaengfans who sent food to his house in May and even came to the gym he often visits. Despite all the damage, Jungkook believed that the relationship between an idol and their fans is not something complicated to keep. He said, “I talk freely to my fans and they talk freely to me. I can choose whether to listen to fans’ words or not. Even when they say anything inappropriate, it is my own choice and my freedom to accept or ignore it.”

Source: Daum