BTS Jungkook & Usher’s Unbelievable Chemistry Takes Center Stage — ARMYs in Frenzy

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In a recent revelation, BTS treated their fans to a sneak peek into the making of the highly-anticipated ‘Standing Next to You-Usher Remix’ collaboration.

The behind-the-scenes sketch video, exclusively available on their official YouTube channel, ‘Bangtan TV,’ offered a rare glimpse into the meticulous preparations that went into creating the official performance video.

Jungkook’s Gesture: A Personal Touch to Usher

A poignant moment unfolded as Jungkook presented his first solo album to Usher. What made this exchange even more special was the heartfelt message meticulously inscribed by Jungkook, which read, “Thanks for Joining me Bro.”

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Usher’s genuine appreciation, evident through his beaming smile, added a personal touch to the collaboration, creating a memorable connection between the two artists.

Dynamic Chemistry: Dance Challenge and Rehearsals

The collaboration between Jungkook and Usher transcends the musical realm, as showcased in the video.

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Not only do the artists engage in intense rehearsals to perfect their rendition of ‘Standing Next to You,’ but they also captivate audiences with a lively dance challenge set to Usher’s iconic hit, ‘Yeah!’


Here’s what ARMYs are saying:

This collaboration is legendary. Usher is truly the OG and Jungkook totally slayed it in this video. Most importantly, the world-class dancers were amazing. The support and love are genuine.

 Usher is 45 and JK is 26, it’s nice that two generation over two decades can colabs. Usher is practically as senior as JK’s Dad.  

Usher and Jungkook started performing as artists literally 20 years apart. It’s so amazing to see them (and staffs) coming together to do something they love!  

Lets give JUNGKOOK & USHER some Praise For their Hard Work

 Jungkook in the end was so emotional he made me cry…I’m sure he was almost crying  

The fact that Usher included this on his new album is awesome. Seeing a great artist with a beautiful soul collaborating with someone like him is such a nice sight. I can’t stop smiling when I see them in one frame. Such a cool duo. I love them both and I’m missing our Kookie

 JK and Usher made this fun. It is amazing to see these two dancing and working together. The vibe between them is truly genuine.  

I love that JK was singing Usher’s song Yeah! They both look like they had a lot of fun and really respect each other. With their vocal styles and the way they’re known for their dancing, it’s such a natural collaboration.

The dynamic chemistry between the duo is palpable, leaving fans eager to witness the electrifying performance.

Jungkook’s Emotional Farewell and Pledge for the Future

Towards the video’s conclusion, an emotional revelation emerges as Jungkook shares that the showcased collaboration marks his last official schedule.


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The artist reflects on the wealth of experiences gained during this journey and pledges to return with honed skills and personal growth.

This introspective moment provides fans with insight into Jungkook’s unwavering commitment to continuous artistic and personal development.

A Message to ARMY: Jungkook’s Promise and Thank You

Jungkook concludes the video with a heartfelt message directed towards the devoted ARMY. Acknowledging the potential emotional impact of the footage, he assures fans that they might be feeling a sense of heartbreak.


However, he expresses deep gratitude for their unwavering patience and promises a triumphant return, emphasizing the desire for continued, natural support from the dedicated fanbase.

This final note serves as both a farewell and a promise of exciting things to come, leaving ARMYs eagerly anticipating Jungkook’s next artistic chapter.