BTS Jungkook’s Electrifying Rehearsal for Global Citizen Festival Sparks Frenzy Among ARMYs — Is This the Comeback We’ve Been Waiting For?

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In a highly anticipated event set to take place on September 23 in New York City, global sensation BTS’s Jungkook is poised to co-headline the 2023 Global Citizen Festival. As fans eagerly await this historic performance, there’s a growing belief within the ARMY fandom that a major spoiler may have just been unveiled.

Jungkook, who achieved worldwide acclaim with his solo debut single “Seven,” which dominated music charts across the globe, has been the subject of fervent anticipation regarding the release of a full album.

A Mysterious Timeline: Jungkook’s Ambitious Solo Music Plans

Expressing his desire to release more solo music and possibly an album by November, the singer had left fans wondering about the exact timeline of his upcoming musical endeavors.

The speculation among ARMYs was sparked by a particular video that featured Jungkook dining with HYBE’s chairman, Bang Si Hyuk, and members of the junior group TXT following the MTV Video Music Awards.


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In this video, which was shared by Bang, Jungkook made a mysterious gesture, holding up three fingers with a smug expression on his face. The video’s caption teased a significant spoiler, leading ARMYs to speculate that the number three held a crucial clue.

 Fast forward to Jungkook’s arrival in New York on September 21 for the Global Citizen Festival. A day before the grand performance, Jungkook took to the stage to rehearse his setlist, drawing an audience of eager fans to Central Park.

During this rehearsal, fans caught glimpses of Jungkook rehearsing unexpected tracks, such as “Permission to Dance” and “Still With You.” Adding to the intrigue, the rehearsal featured the screening of various video clips, including a teaser-like video. This montage prominently showcased Jungkook in a striking new appearance, concluding with the enigmatic text “3D” displayed on the screen.

The appearance of the “3D” text has led ARMYs to intensify their speculations, increasingly convinced that this VCR might herald the return of soloist Jungkook.

They have been quick to connect the dots between Jungkook’s earlier “three” gesture in Bang’s video and his use of the 3-D glitch effect in recent TikToks. However, uncertainty still surrounds whether this will mark the release of a new single or Jungkook’s highly anticipated debut album.

As the excitement builds, the ARMY community eagerly awaits further developments, ready to embrace whatever musical masterpiece Jungkook may have in store for the world.

Meanwhile,In a recent a prominent voice representing the BTS fandom, issued a strong statement in response to the ongoing controversy surrounding the “Jamboree K-pop Concert.” The gallery expressed their firm rejection of what they perceive as an “anti-democracy” push.