BTS Jungkook’s Startling Military Service Scar Ignites Speculations

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BTS Jungkook‘s scar is going viral, sparking concerns among fans and leading to a wave of well-wishes from netizens.

On June 12, BTS members, excluding Suga, gathered to celebrate Jin’s discharge from the military, marking a joyous occasion for ARMYs worldwide.

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However, amidst the celebration, attention turned to Jungkook’s forearm, where a noticeable scar was seen in a photo circulating online.


Fans quickly took notice of the scar, with many expressing worry about its origin. Given that Jungkook is currently undergoing military training as an active duty soldier, speculations arose that the scar might be related to his training or duties in the military. One fan commented, “Jungkook got a new scar… hope he’s okay,” reflecting the sentiments of many concerned supporters. Netizens, while sharing in the celebration of Jin’s return, also voiced their concerns for Jungkook’s well-being. Messages of support and prayers for his health flooded social media platforms, showcasing the strong bond between BTS and their dedicated fanbase.


Despite the curiosity surrounding the scar, fans remained focused on sending positive vibes and love to Jungkook during his military service.

As the photo continues to circulate, fans await any updates or clarifications from BTS or Jungkook himself regarding the scar.

In recent news, BTS’s Jungkook surprised fans with a solo track, “Never Let Go,” on the group’s 11th anniversary, despite his military service commitments.

He shared a heartfelt letter on Weverse expressing regret for not fully realizing his original vision for the song. Fans flooded social media with messages of support and love, touched by Jungkook’s sincerity and dedication.