BTS Members Envious of Jin? The Shocking Reason Revealed

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BTS member Jin recently shared his heartfelt thoughts on completing his military service and reconnecting with fans during the ‘BTS Festa’. In an interview with Weverse Magazine, Jin expressed both the challenges and joys of returning to his responsibilities immediately after discharge.

Jin, who completed his military duty on June 12, surprised fans by participating in the ‘2024 Festa’ just a day later. Reflecting on this whirlwind experience, Jin admitted:

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“It was a lot of pressure and difficult because I didn’t have enough time to prepare. It wasn’t easy, but I did it out of love for ARMY.”

The singer also revealed a humorous anecdote about his discharge day celebration, where BTS members, still serving in the military, expressed genuine envy.

“The members kept saying how jealous they were of me,” Jin chuckled. “I teased them a lot, which annoyed them but made them laugh too.”

Despite his return to public life, Jin confessed that the transition still feels surreal. “It still feels like a vacation, and I feel like I might have to go back to the base,” he shared. “It doesn’t feel like I’m fully discharged yet.”

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Known for his warmth towards fans, Jin attributed BTS’s longevity and success to their strong bond with ARMY.

“BTS really loves ARMY, so it’s only natural to give your best for the people you like,” he emphasized.

In recent news, BTS member Jin has been announced as a torchbearer for the upcoming 2024 Paris Summer Olympics, a development that has sparked excitement worldwide.

Following his recent discharge from mandatory military service, Jin’s participation highlights his active post-service career. Specific details about his torchbearing relay are eagerly anticipated, adding to the anticipation among BTS’s ARMY fanbase and the public.

Jin’s diverse career pursuits, including upcoming musical projects and TV appearances, demonstrate his commitment to exploring new opportunities. This announcement not only underscores BTS’s global influence but also marks a significant milestone in Jin’s expanding career beyond music.