BTS Monuments Beyond the Star Episodes 7 and 8 Review: Conclusion Filled with Emotion, Love, and Dedication

BTS Monuments Beyond the Star Episodes 7 and 8 Review: Finally, we have reached the end of the beautiful 8-part South Korean mini docuseries, 방탄소년단 모뉴먼츠: 비욘드 더 스타, featuring the seven members of the K-pop boy group from Hybe Labels: RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. The series also includes the chairperson, Bang Si-hyuk (Bang PD), who is the founder of Big Hit Music, along with Myung Seok-kang. Directed by Park Jun-soo, the series is exclusively available on Disney+ Hotstar, and each episode runs for 30 minutes. Episodes 7 and 8 were released on January 10, 2024.

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– The Review Contains Mild Spoilers-

BTS Monuments Beyond the Star Episodes 7 and 8 Review

In the initial six episodes, the series delved into the world of BTS, exploring their journey from inception, the struggles they encountered while striving for their current success, and the persistent question of why they chose to stick together even after a decade of achievements. Episode 7 shifts focus to their performance at the Permission to Dance Concert in LA, an event they believed would mark their last group activity before taking a break. Each member shares their thoughts on the standout moments from their decade-long career, with a particular emphasis on their concerts.

They express how these live performances are cherished experiences, highlighting the invaluable connection with their fans and the direct exchange of love and appreciation. Suga notably mentions that the fans are the sole motivation he needs to continue, even after a decade. This showcases their unwavering dedication not only to their fans but also to each other.

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After the concert, the episode delved into a time when BTS took a break from their hectic career and embraced relaxation. It provided a glimpse into each member’s personal time spent alone. They spoke candidly about the significance of these moments away from the group, highlighting both the longing they feel for each other and the joy they experience when together.

Jin, while camping with friends, expressed how much he missed his fellow members, their absence a constant presence in his thoughts. Conversely, Jimin reflected on the unease he felt being alone at home after spending over 8 years with the band. This portrayal beautifully showcases their deep affection for one another and emphasises the necessity of the break for self-reflection and understanding.

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The episode also showcased Jungkook’s solo career started with Dreamers, the official soundtrack of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. He expressed how it was his first time performing alone on stage with 70 dancers, something he never imagined. He even conveyed his desire to build a good reputation while emphasising that BTS would remain his priority. He mentioned that the moment the group reunites, he’ll be running back to them. Jin also spoke about how the group has become like a family and clarified that spending time away from the family doesn’t mean it breaks apart, a sentiment that extends to the band as well.

These two episodes showcased the different emotions each BTS member shared for the band and themselves. It demonstrated how the ultimate goal remains the same for everyone—to follow the path that will reunite them and stay true to their beliefs and their fans. It also shows the heartfelt moment when Jin got his hair cut for military service, being the first member to enlist, and highlights Jungkook and Suga’s visit to support him during that significant moment. Once again, it portrayed the profound love the members have for each other. Furthermore, it offered a glimpse of J-Hope’s enlistment, revealing the emotions they were experiencing during that time.

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Throughout BTS Monuments Beyond The Stars episode 8, glimpses of each member’s solo albums and their immense success were showcased. This hinted at how their individual careers were sensational hits, largely due to their dedicated fans and their relentless hard work. Whether performing as a group or pursuing solo endeavours, their achievements stand as a profound example for any aspiring artist. However, amidst their showcase of talent, it’s crucial for them never to forget the initial reason behind their journey and to maintain respect for their fans.

BTS Monuments Beyond the Star Episodes 7 and 8: Final Thoughts

BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star episode 5 and 6 offer a multifaceted glimpse into their solo careers and what the 10 years together in the group meant to them. It showcases each member’s perspective on the group and their vision for the future. The episodes highlight the beautiful moments they’ve shared, expressing a guarantee of coming back stronger, knowing that nothing will change between them.

This series is a must-watch for the BTS ARMY, especially for those new to the group. It covers their entire journey—struggles, successes, and profound love shared with their fans and among the members, which strengthened their bond. It exemplifies how hard work pays off and emphasises the importance of a strong will and belief.

All episodes of BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. Let us know your thoughts about the series if you’ve watched it in the comment section below!

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