BTS, NewJeans, IVE, and More Won 2023 Melon Music Awards “Top 10”

Melon has revealed the winners for its “Top 10” for the upcoming (MMA) Melon Music Awards

On November 17, the 2023 Melon Music Awards (hereinafter referred to as 2023 MMA), revealed the winners for its “Top 10” category, which include BTS, NewJeans, IVE, and others.

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The winners were chosen by combining Melon’s streaming performance (80%) and member votes (1 vote per day for paid members and 1 vote per day for free members, accounting for 20%). The “Top 10” is equivalent to the main award at MMA, and the voting scores are also reflected in the grand prize, “Artist of the Year”.

Melon Music Awards

It is known that these “Top 10” winners are selected out of a total of 30 candidates through voting from November 2 to 16.

Despite some members of BTS serving in the military, the group received certification for a “Million Album” for their 10th-anniversary single “Take Two”, having achieved one million streams within 24 hours. BTS also joined the “Billion Club”, celebrating artists who have achieved a cumulative 10 billion streams.

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN, the first boy group to top the Melon “Top 100” in 2023 with their new song “God of Music”, and NCT Dream, which attracted huge attention for their remake of H.O.T.’s hit “Candy”, were also included in the “Top 10”.

Half of the “Top 10” positions went to girl groups, reflecting the surge in popularity of girl groups in the K-pop market this year.

Melon Music Awards

Remarkable girl groups in the “Top 10” include NewJeans, who set the record for the longest-running No. 1 on the Melon “Top 100” chart with their hit song “Ditto”, the rising star LE SSERAFIM with hits like “Unforgiven”, and IVE, known for songs like “I AM”.

Additionally, aespa, who reached No. 1 on the “Top 100” chart with “Spicy”, and (G)I-DLE, who enjoyed popularity with “Queencard”, also secured a spot in the 2023 MMA’s “Top 10”.

In terms of solo artists, BTS’s Jungkook was included in MMA’s “Top 10” with his solo debut single “Seven”. Meanwhile, Lim Young-woong, who is extremely popular among older generations and reached No. 1 on the “Top 100” chart with “Do or Die, was also selected for the “Top 10”.

On the other hand, the 2023 MMA will be held on December 2 at 5:00 PM (KST). The “Artist of the Year” award will be announced on the same day.

Source: YNA