BTS renews their contracts with Hybe

Article: BTS to continue with Hybe… all members renew contracts

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Source: ZDNet Korea via Naver + Idol Issue

[+75, -3] I wanted them to leave Hybe.. 🤨 but I’m sure this is the best option if we want them to stay whole by ’25!! Hybe-ya, be good to BTS…

[+42] Hybe, please be good to BTS

[+37] I’m serious, Hybe. One wrong move against BTS and it’s over for all of us.

[+34] Hybe, you guys seriously need to be good to BTS. Enough with the expanding your business or whatever, just be good to the kids. You will never find another group like this again. Thank you, Tannies.

[+31] BTS practically made Hybe after all

[+28] And I am going to start a riot if Hybe doesn’t treat BTS right again

[+22] And Hybe better be good to BTS ^^

[+20, -1] Impressed by their loyalty ㅠ

[+18] Hybe needs to be on their knees bowing in gratitude

[+14] To Hybe: be good to BTS ^^

[+10] You can tell how much they love Armies… they know that BTS is meaningless unless they all renew together 💜💜

[+8] Legends… thank you for renewing, everyone..

[+6, -0] Impressive

[+6] Give BTS director positions (though I’m sure the members won’t accept it). Hybe is really lucky this time. I wonder what they did in their past life to deserve this. 

[+6] I think it’d be weirder if they didn’t renew…

[+5, -0] Please be good to them!!!!

[+4, -1] Than kyou for keeping the promise tos tay together in 2025. You guys are always showing us through your actions over your words ㅜㅜ

[+4] Thank you BTS 💜

[+2] Hybe must’ve saved a country in their past life, maybe the entire earth.. thankful to everyone