BTS RM celebrates 29th birthday “What a blessed life I have”

BTS RM (real name Kim Nam Joon) shared his thoughts in commemoration of his birthday.

On Sep 12th, RM posted a long message through the global fan platform Weverse, saying, “It’s the last birthday of my 20s. I don’t know if it’s because of the nature of my job, but birthdays always come with a little embarrassment. I think of it as an insignificant day, but since many people congratulated me sincerely, I feel so happy and blessed.

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He expressed his sincerity to fans, “Until Kim Nam Joon becomes ‘Kim Nam Joon’, it’s just a day among 365 days, but it’s all thanks to you that this day doesn’t feel like just a passing day to the 29-year-old me. I’m sad that my words keep getting more complicated as time goes on. That fact still seems to remain the same. But I’ve become a lot calmer. I also realized that I’m a temperamentally optimistic person who considered pessimism and futility as cool.”

BTS RM celebrates 29th birthday

He continued, “I’m living by sharing the optimism explained by the love I received from those around me, and I’m also putting it in my next songs that will be released someday. I wonder if I’d be able to be honest in a more beautiful way than music? It’s the truth I already know, but sometimes it feels not enough with just that. I wonder if that’s why I became BTS. Because I wanted to express in various ways. Whether it’s a program, an interview, a dance or whatever, what a blessed life I have.”

RM added, “Each birthday letter is a different love language of where I’ve reached now. Thanks to you, I’m living well and I want to live well. I just wanted to say I love you with the latest and best version of myself every time. I may not be able to hug each and every one of you, but my heart goes beyond that. I won’t ask you to love me no matter what I look like. However, as much as I received, I want to try and make an effort.”

Finally, he told fans, “The last birthday of my 20s passes smoothly like this. Let’s stay healthy and happy for a long time no matter what sky we are under. See you again after a while.”

Meanwhile, Jin and J-Hope enlisted in December last year and April this year, respectively. Other BTS members are also scheduled to enlist sequentially.

Source: Daum