BTS RM Silence Speaks Volumes Amid ADOR x HYBE Battle — What’s He Saying?

ARMYs are abuzz with speculation after BTS RM, currently serving in the military, updated cryptic Instagram Stories.

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The update came amid the feud between ADOR and HYBE, with fans interpreting the Bangtan leader’s post as a subtle commentary on the ongoing saga.

Allegations Against ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin

The conflict between ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin and HYBE has reached new heights, with allegations of plagiarism and leaked private information surfacing.


In a recent quote attributed to Min Hee Jin, she hinted at BTS’ alleged copying, adding fuel to the already heated dispute.

Min Hee Jin even commented:

“In fact, he’s copied from me and come this far.”

BTS RM’s History of Addressing Issues Subtly on Social Media

RM has a track record of addressing sensitive issues in a subtle manner on social media.

ARMYs recalled instances where he used emojis to convey his thoughts on publicized events, showcasing his ability to engage with current affairs even amidst his busy schedule.


The septet’s leader commented on the incident:

“I was grateful for the time spent there, but didn’t expect an article about it…”

As ARMYs dissect RM’s recent update, they believe it could be his way of acknowledging the ADOR vs. HYBE feud, especially as Min Hee Jin’s comments seemingly target BTS.

While RM’s message remains enigmatic, it reaffirms his keen awareness of the industry’s happenings.

Meanwhile, BTS RM’s philanthropic gesture from 2019 continues to leave a lasting impact on the K-pop industry. One beneficiary, Jiseok, a member of the pioneering Deaf boy group, Big O!cean, credits RM’s donation to his school for sparking his interest in music.

Under PARASTAR Entertainment, Big O!cean is breaking barriers with their S-Pop, incorporating sign language into their performances, making music accessible to a wider audience.

RM’s donation of 100 million KRW (approximately 72,500 USD) underscores BTS’s dedication to supporting education and the arts.

Recently, RM and V completed their basic military training, with RM’s graduation speech prompting both praise and controversy within the ARMY fandom, sparking reflection on BTS’s growth and public image.