BTS RM’s Instagram Update Sends HYBE into Overdrive — Here’s Why

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ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin’s recent press conference sheds light on the ongoing feud with HYBE, stirring reactions from ARMYs. Meanwhile, RM’s Instagram update adds a new dimension to the drama.

During the press conference on April 25, 2024, Min Hee Jin mentioned Bang Si Hyuk’s reluctance to debut girl groups due to concerns about BTS’s fandom, sparking controversy among ARMYs.

ARMYs React to Controversy and Await RM’s Return

ARMYs express disappointment and frustration following the revelations from HYBE and Min Hee Jin’s statements, with many longing for RM’s leadership amid the chaos.


RM’s Instagram Update Sparks Speculation Amidst Drama

RM’s latest Instagram Story update via @rkive features a song by Korean folk rock singer Hahn Dae Soo, leading to speculation among ARMYs about its connection to the ongoing feud between Min Hee Jin and HYBE.



In recent news, BTS’s RM has sparked speculation among fans with cryptic Instagram Stories amidst the feud between ADOR and HYBE.

The conflict, involving allegations of plagiarism and leaked information, has intensified, with ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin’s comments fueling the fire.

RM, known for subtly addressing issues on social media, has a history of engaging with current events. Fans interpret his recent update as a nod to the ADOR vs. HYBE feud, especially given Min Hee Jin’s comments targeting BTS.

However, RM’s message remains enigmatic, showcasing his awareness of industry happenings. Meanwhile, RM’s past philanthropic gesture continues to impact the K-pop industry positively, highlighting BTS’s dedication to supporting education and the arts.