BTS RM’s Short Blue Hair Transformation for Stellar Magazine Photoshoot Leaves Fans Dazed

BTS RM aka Kim Namjoon has been sporting a new look in town and it has left his fandom “dazed” beyond compare. On September 19, 2023, the BTS leader took to his Instagram profile and shared a bunch of snaps for his most recent magazine photoshoot, and his drastic transformation screams avant-garde. Christian Dior had merely asserted that “Midnight blue is the only colour that can compete with Black”, but it looks like Namjoon took it straight to heart.

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Swearing by a shade of blue that is both electric and sombre given the setting and lighting, RM has made a bold statement with his short buzzcut hairstyle, the newest trend that BTS ARMYs can’t stop gushing about. In the 8 pictures so released by the rapper, each choice of outfit – be it the simple shirt and tie style, or a trench coat paired with leather over-the-knees boots – complements RM’s towering height, a signature physical characteristic that also manifests in his power-packed, yet brooding rap verses.

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With some of these shots being produced in the black and white aesthetic, and the other ones keeping minimalism at their centre, the prime focus is on Namjoon’s main character-like presence. He takes on all fashion themes – formal, semi formal, casual and comfort – with a quiet confidence that despite not being loud is enough to grab our attention in the first look. The thread of photos also includes a rather more dramatic addition with fire taking centre stage.

This photoshoot series, along with exclusive interviews with Namjoon, will be featured on the October edition of the Korean magazine, and all the outfits sported by the singer are that of the Italian luxury fashion house Bottega Veneta. While this isn’t the first that BTS’ RM is fronting a fashion magazine cover, BTS ARMYs know well how to praise the singer each time as if it was the first. They’ve gone on to assert that he looks good in every fit, and that his personality is in unison with the Bottega Veneta brand as he’s the perfect pick to be styled by them.

Many X (formerly Twitter) users have taken an affinity to his blue hair and some even mentioned that “models should be grateful this man chose music”. Despite most of the attire choices being solemn (turtleneck sweater, ties, wool coat and more) their synergetic unison with RM’s tall body proportions and gorgeous attitude has especially struck the fans like Cupid would.

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Check Out the Kim Namjoon Dazed Korea Photoshoot

Reactions to BTS RM’s New Look

RM recently celebrated his birthday on September 12, 2023. On the solo turf, the BTS member is still continuing with his individual campaigns and project, but is likely to be enlisted for his military stint soon, much like his fellow member Suga.

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