BTS RM’s Solo Debut Sparks Massive Buzz as He Backs Up Fourth-Gen Idol Natty

BTS leader RM garners attention for promoting the solo song of a talented fourth-generation female idol.

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Despite being enlisted, RM remains active on social media, particularly Instagram, where he shares glimpses of his life, including vacation moments and uniformed photos, keeping ARMYs engaged.

Promoting Natty’s Solo Track

RM recently caught the eye of fans by sharing an Instagram story featuring him listening to the solo song of fourth-generation idol Natty, known for her track “Sugarcoat” released last year.


Netizens’ Excitement

The post sparked excitement among netizens, who appreciated RM’s support for Natty and her group, KISS OF LIFE. The catchy tune of “Sugarcoat” received widespread acclaim, further boosting Natty’s popularity.

Vocal Support for Junior Idols

RM’s vocal support for Natty and KISS OF LIFE stands out in an industry where idols may hesitate to endorse those outside their own company, particularly of the opposite sex. RM’s consistent encouragement reflects his genuine appreciation for talent irrespective of affiliations.

RM’s endorsement underscores his discerning taste in music. His recognition of KISS OF LIFE’s and Natty’s contributions to the K-pop scene reaffirms their growing influence and impact within the industry.

In recent news, BTS leader RM recently shared a video on Instagram showcasing his intense workout regimen, leaving fans in awe. In the video, RM is seen confidently doing shirtless planks with his companions, displaying both his fitness prowess and the strong camaraderie within the BTS team.

Despite the physical strain, RM interacts playfully with those around him, emphasizing the bond among the members. For fans, the video signifies BTS’s commitment to staying connected with their supporters amidst their busy schedules.

It serves as yet another example of how BTS inspires millions through their dedication to keeping fans involved in their journey, no matter where it leads them.